A Short Trip to a Distant Planet

17:00 – 23:00

LJMU John Foster Building & Gardens


LJMU John Foster Building & Gardens
Entrance via Hope Street (opposite 13 Annexe)
L3 5UZ

0151 231 3179

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Can technology resolve our tendency towards destruction and conflict? In an unsettling but playful way, this installation begs us to change, to transform. A dark corridor. Dry ice. An immersive video installation where two, life-like, sleeping babies are hooked-up to a strange computer, as they escape a decaying planet.

Drifting moments from 20th and 21st century life, both iconic and mundane, emerge from the cosmic/in utero space. What do these images mean? Who is generating these visions? How will you respond?

Afterwards, feel free to take a break in the LJMU Social Space with its eclectic mix of fun and functionality, indoor lawn, trees, and colliding tables.