Batala Mersey & the Anahis

22:00 – 22:30 Williamson Square
Family Friendly, Performance, Streets

Williamson Square
L1 1EL

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A new collaboration featuring 40 samba-reggae percussionists accompanied by captivating choreography. The music, dance and costumes celebrate the history of carnival and the 20-year anniversary of the Batala movement with a thrilling combination of light, colour and sound.

Batala (ba-ta-la)  is a worldwide Afro-Brazilian percussion movement founded in Paris in 1997 by Bahian percussionist Giba Gonçalves. During samba-reggae performances, the music is beaten out on four different types of drum – dobra, surdo (bass), caixa (snare) and repinique. Today, Batala has over 30 groups in 15 countries and a worldwide membership of over 1,000 percussionists.

Batala Mersey is a non-profit community organisation based in Liverpool with drummers of all backgrounds, nationalities and ages. The Anahis (meaning ‘beautiful sky flower’ in Tupi) are the beautiful Brazilian flowers that have bloomed in the city, performing samba as well as axe and funk. Bringing the true spirit of carnival, these celebrated dancers light up your life with colour, energetic movement and hip shaking rhythm. This unique outdoor performance wows audiences with an illuminating fusion of drumming beats, vibrant dance moves and breathtaking drum choreography.