17:30 – 21:00 St George's Hall
Commissions, Performance

St George's Place
L1 1JJ

0151 233 0555

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After a short bloom, blossom falls gently: it’s impermanence is the essence of its beauty.  Our individual perception of time, movement & space is a journey based on a lifetime of shifting, changing & reinventing.  Nothing is permanent. Even our daily rhythms can never really happen the same way twice.

‘Bloom’ is a new music and light piece exploring the fleetingness of time and life – written to guide the audience around the rarely open and unusual catacombs space beneath St. George’s Hall.

Live music will be performed in the space – underneath a canopy of light spreading across the vaulted corridors. Shadows and spaces will shift and turn with each performance.

The light installation, built and created by the Friend or Foe team for the vast catacombs, comprises of just under 80 individually controllable lights using custom made software that allows performers to control and direct patterns of light around the room in perfect synchronicity with the music.

Performances take place in the catacombs. Access via Heritage Centre (Queen Square end). Tickets for all four shows can be collected from 17.00 from the entrance.

Last entry for each show is 20 minutes past the hour – if arriving after this time, your ticket will be reallocated as capacity is very limited; please arrive early and anticipate queues. Performances take place at 17:30, 18:30, 19:30 & 20:30 and last 30 min.

Includes moments of darkness & flashing lights.

Friend Or Foe are a Liverpool-based collective. Their projects include interactive installation & performance events combining music, sound, light & projections.

Outside nearby: Here Be Dragons, 20:45 – 22:15