Book of the Dead: Journey through the Underworld

17:00 – 22:00 UoL Garstang Museum of Archaeology
Exhibitions, Family Friendly

14 Abercromby Square
L69 7WZ

0151 794 6793

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A fascinating exhibition featuring ancient Egyptian artefacts and artistic photography of ancient papyri.

The path to the Egyptian afterlife was through a dangerous night-time zone, guarded by demons. The soul had to successfully pass through each of the 12 ‘Hours of the Night’ to reach an eternal existence in the utopian ‘Field of Reeds’.  This exhibition begins with a practical guide to navigating the ancient Egyptian underworld with displays of the ancient papyri, coffins and amulets used as tools by the Egyptians to get them through the night and into eternity.

Visitors are then taken on a journey through the ‘Hours of the Night’, where subconscious fears and dreamlike states come together in a dramatic funerary landscape, beautifully captured by the work of local Egyptologist and photographer  Julia Thorne. Undergo the judgement of Osiris and, if your heart is lighter than the Feather of Truth, emerge into the eternal paradise of the ‘Field of Reeds’, where an army of ancient magical servants awaits to do your bidding!