Liverpool Drift Club

19:00 – 22:00 Chinese Arch
Participate, Streets

Nelson Street
L1 0AH

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Drifting is a playful walk without destination. We put on headphones and listen to a synchronised soundtrack. We take turns leading, but we don’t know where we’ll end up or what we’ll experience. We drift for the joy and pleasure of getting lost, following the impulses of fellow players, taking part in a shared atmosphere through music, and experiencing our city in a novel way.

At the beginning, everyone learns the rules, safety guidelines and gets a chance to test their devices. The drift starts when someone shows the sign for taking the initiative (hand raised for all to see) and becomes the first leader. The rest of us follow along in the leader’s exploration of the city, directing our attention and informing our drifting. After a few minutes, the leader raises their hand and thus relinquishes leadership. As soon as another person raises their hand, they become the new leader and the drift continues like this until the end. People are free to leave the drift, when they want.  You will need a smartphone or MP3 device and headphones. We encourage you to sign-up on our Facebook page, where you will find up-to-date information and how to load the soundtrack.

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