Typhoon and the Pedal Players

17:00 – 21:00 Paradise Street
Commissions, Performance, Streets

Paradise Street (near John Lewis)
L1 8LJ


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Looping performances starting at Paradise Street (near John Lewis) and moving along Manesty’s Lane, Peter’s Lane and Bluecoat Courtyard

Their time machine is broken and the Pedal Players are stuck in a time continuum; cycling around in circles for centuries, telling the same stories for years and YEEEARS! Will they return to 2017? Or surrender to a lifetime of steampunk storytelling? Join them as they journey across time and space.

Typhoon & the Pedal Players can be found here, there or anywhere between Paradise Street (near John Lewis), Manesty’s Lane, Peter’s Lane and Bluecoat Courtyard. Seconds mean nothing in a time slip so join them along the route or at Paradise Street on the hour.