21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Hazuki Knit

17:00 – 23:00


NB: This event is from our 2020 calendar.

88 Wood Street
L1 4DQ

0151 707 7000

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Hazuki Knit is a game inspired by quick time events experienced in games such as Dragon’s Lair, Shenmue, Resident Evil 4, and Metal Gear Rising. It’s a neat mechanic, easy to pick up, nerve-wracking, and endlessly frustrating when you mess up. Through Hazuki Knit, collaborators James Medd and Gemma May Latham explore the crossovers between the development of skill through repetitive game play and the habitual making practices of traditional craft. A game controlled by a hand powered knitting machine, Hazuki Knit will test your ability to remain focused and keep rhythm whilst knitting game motifs.

Simply push the knit carriage back and forth to simultaneously knit rows and power the game. As the carriage moves back a forth a sensor is triggered. The aim of the game is to trigger this sensor as the icon on the screen is displayed and continue to keep pace as the game progresses. The game requires no specialist skill but the artist will be on hand to assist you getting started with the knitting machine.

James Medd is an artist, musician, educator, and more, based in Manchester, UK whose work comprises entertainment, accessibility, and whimsy. In 2016, James created the Awkward Arcade, a real life experimental video arcade showcasing games that make you move and think in ways uncommon in mainstream games culture.

Gemma May Latham is a participatory maker based in Manchester. Her work combines analogue and digital processes, taking inspiration from craft heritage. Embracing accessible materials and methods she engages a wide range of people and makes otherwise intimidating processes accessible to all. Gemma is passionate about the power of combining physical and digital forms of making.

(All ages)