21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Presence: A Window into Contemporary Chinese Art

17:00 – 21:00

St George's Hall

NB: This event is from our 2020 calendar.

St George's Hall
St George's Place
L1 1JJ

0151 233 0555

Access info & map

PRESENCE: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art will be open to the general public with some added extras to enhance visitor experience.

Part of the evening will see Highlights tours run by volunteer invigilators for the exhibition. These volunteers are passionate about the exhibition and will present one piece, explaining their personal reaction to the work and what they like about it.

In addition to the Highlights tours, there will be a musical performance of ‘Jasmine Flower’ by Ciara and Eno. This is a Chinese folk song which is sung in Chinese by Ciara, a native English speaker, with lyrics and pronunciations taught by Eno, a native Mandarin speaker who will provide the melody on a piano.

An exciting element of the evening will also be the addition of an interactive Liverpool version of City DNA, a piece by Lu Xinjian which features a creative map of Manchester and Salford. LightNighters will be invited to trace a giant map of Liverpool in multi-coloured felt tip pens to mark parts of a Liverpool map in the style of iconic work, Lu Xinjuan’s, City DNA.

Entrance via the Heritage Centre.