21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Snapshot to WeChat: A Migration of Identity

17:00 – 22:00

Open Eye Gallery

NB: This event is from our 2020 calendar.

Open Eye Gallery
19 Mann Island
L3 1BP

0151 236 6768

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This exhibition will no longer be open late due to the special LightNight event Sleeping in the Middle.

What is it that we’re sharing when we share images online?  Worldwide, we post over three billion images on social media every day. Although the act of snapping and sharing photos seems casual, it drastically shapes the way we understand ourselves, each other, and cultures we are less familiar with.

Snapshot to WeChat: A Migration of Identity looks at photographs taken by ordinary people in China and considers how the everyday act of taking photos shapes our identity.  Anthropologist Xinyuan Wang explores photos posted by people on WeChat, China’s hugely popular social media platform.   Thomas Sauvin presents ‘Beijing Silvermine’, an archive of photographs sourced from thousands of rolls of used film bought from a recycling plant outside Beijing.

Teresa Eng presents her Self/ Portrait series, in which she asks young people in China and Liverpool to show her one of their selfies and presents it next to a new portrait she has taken.   China has seen an unprecedented migration from rural to urban living to support a rapidly expanding economy.

As part of Liverpool 2018’s China Dream season, Snapshot to WeChat examines the modern role of photography and casts some light on life in a rapidly transforming culture.