21 May 2021 5pm – Late

The Peaks & Troughs of Modern Rituals

17:00 – 22:00

St George's Hall

NB: This event is from our 2020 calendar.

St George's Hall
St George's Place
L1 1JJ

0151 233 0555

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LightNight Commissison

Recent graduate of the Royal Academy Schools and Art World icon Richie Moment turns his critical third eye on the rituals that interlace our modern lives with eight contemporary light sculptures installed at the historic St. Georges Hall Plateau.

Moment’s video and installation works are as vibrant as they are intriguing – blending neon colours and a grungy aesthetic, with a keen eye for modern anthropology. His work is as emotionally sensitive to the subject as it is impactful. Although Moment always appears to be having a better time in his work than the rest of us, a closer analysis reveals a deeper questioning of the wants and pressures of the human condition.

The light sculptures are shrines to the popular culture we engage with on a daily basis. Whilst their bright colours celebrate convenience food, celebrity and the days of TV on demand, they also hide a darker musing of how much of a good thing is too much of a good thing?

Shrines to things we love are all around us. Whether the multiple takeaway menus pinned to our fridges, or the stack of gossip mags arranged on our coffee tables. But historically, the things we worship are not always what are best for us… or are they?

For level access please enter St George’s Hall via the North Entrance facing Walker Art Gallery.