21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Crazy P are back as 24 Kitchen Street takes over Camp and Furnace to close off LightNight 2021.

Fusing slinky underground disco, deep electronic throbs, shimmering pop moments; this is dance music.

Booking essential.

Age guidance: 18+

** Please note venue change from 24 Kitchen Street to Camp and Furnace **

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William Nicolas Crosland – Tapestry now taking place at Chapters of Us

Join VideOdyssey as we launch our VideoDrome viewing experience. Come and witness a lost slice in time as you enter a time warp where VHS lives.

Showing a selection of the best comedy films from the 80s and 90s, you will be guided through our TV studio space by a team of improv actors who will be performing between 18:00—21:00.

Browse our 10,000 strong video shop tape collection and choose a video to play. Visit our replica Mushnik’s flower shop, where you can get refreshments. Record your favourite film picks on our studio cameras for future visitors to watch.

Enter through the Toxteth TV building and garden and be guided on a one-way viewing system.

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Age guidance: 12+

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more

Make began its journey in the Baltic on LightNight back in 2013, where we opened our doors for the first time to showcase our space. For this years LightNight, for one night only, we will be taking over the Shed at Baltic Creative, just inside Baltic Roastery.

With our focus around the theme of play, each artist has expressed themselves through their work in a variety of different art forms and mediums. After a long time unable to exhibit any of their work, it’s sure to be one to remember.

Make houses an eclectic mix of makers, do-ers and creators and we can’t wait to showcase the amazing work created by our talented residents. Join us at The Shed and immerse yourself in the work of some of Liverpool’s artists, creators, and makers and discover more about Make.

Since 2013 Make has branched out to other parts of the Liverpool City Region including the North Docks and Birkenhead, offering much needed studio and working space, classes, events and business support.

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more

For LightNight 2021, Hub Studios and Gallery will reopen its doors in order to share a brand new body of work they have created during the last 12 months.

Hub Studios houses an independent collective of local artists and creatives. The group was originally set up in late 2008 – mostly refugees from the urban redevelopment that saw the final demise and deterioration of small transient studios in the city of Liverpool.

Hub studios, like many other art collectives in Liverpool, has had a rollercoaster year. Each of their artists has taken solace in their creative processes whilst using the time to play with new ideas, disciplines and techniques, embracing the restrictions in the best way possible.


Booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

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Innominate Studios: Open Studio
The Royal Standard: Members Show

Innominate Studios is a new artist collective, founded in late 2020 to provide workspace for artists of various disciplines. A mix of established artists and ones who have never held studio space previously. The gathered skillsets encompass painting, illustration, sculpture, moulding, resin casting, embroidery, and textile work.

Innominate wish to invite you to their very first open studio where you can meet the residents in an informal environment and discover their artwork!

Booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

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Hub Studios and Gallery: Members show and Open Studio
The Royal Standard: Members Show

After the rollercoaster ride of 2020 ROAD Studios have decided to have some fun for LightNight 2021 and will be hosting COBALT! an exhibition exploring the many quirks and in jokes that have come about in ROAD Studios over the years.

Through COBALT! we plan to explore how play grows within an environment where people work together and how it can create a community but how it can look strange and confusing to those outside of that community.

Booking is essential to avoid disappointment. This exhibition can be found in the Luna Room inside Northern Lights.

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Age guidance: 12+

Social Media

Twitter: @road_studios
Facebook: @RoadStudios
Instagram: @road_studios

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Hub Studios and Gallery: Members show and Open Studio
Innominate Studios: Open Studio
The Royal Standard: Members Show

The Royal Standard will be hosting a special studio member show for LightNight 2021. In response to this year’s theme of ‘Play’ members have created new works in small groups in the same style as playing the game ‘Exquisite Corpse.’

One player draws the head, one draws a torso, and one draws the legs. Not revealing their shared creation until the very end.

Each group of members takes a different approach, a more literal version of the concept, but still following the original game rules. This is a more experimental approach to interpreting the theme, which leaves room for more random outcomes. None of our artists will see each other’s work until the opening night, like unravelling the paper at the end of the game and seeing what you have collectively created.

A virtual reality version of the exhibition is also available online (courtesy of Capture VR) below and at this link:

Booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

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Hub Studios and Gallery: Members show and Open Studio
Innominate Studios: Open Studio

Northern Lights will open its doors to members of the public to explore the artist’s studios within. You’re invited to visit The Royal Standard, Hub Art Studios and Galleries, ROAD Studios, Innominate Studios and Ryde.

Each studio will be responding to the theme of Play. Expect installations that explore how play grows within the artist’s environment, exhibitions that incorporate gameplay and much more.

Booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

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Hub Studios and Gallery: Members show and Open Studio
Innominate Studios: Open Studio
The Royal Standard: Members Show

For LightNight ROAD Studios Director Tony Knox will be collaborating with ROAD members and guest artists to produce the latest issue of the Mothman comic book, giving an insight into the dysfunctional life of the Mothman.

As he stumbles throughout different ages in history, his tales become interwoven within folklore, this cryptid being bringing misfortune in the most haphazard of ways.

Individual pages will be shown as a series of large-scale posters displayed in various outdoor locations across the city centre as part of LightNight 2021 which you can see from 19th May until 3rd June 2021. A map of the poster locations can be viewed here.

ROAD Studios is an artist led organisation that has served as a creative hub within the heart of Liverpool since 2012.

Mothman #4 will feature the work of Tony Knox, Helios Bernal Alcantarilla, Eoin Flynn, Robert Flynn, Kirsten Hawkins, Lauren Masterson, Louis Jeck-Prestidge, Sasha Spyrou, Lo Tierney, Tomo and Andy Wolfenden.

See the artwork across poster sites in the city whilst you’re on your LightNight trail!

Social Media

Twitter: @road_studios
Facebook: @RoadStudios
Instagram: @road_studios


Did you know that there are tribes of small creatures who live around us? We are not aware of them, but we need them. They are the ones who whisper without words and inspire jokes, fun dances, music, paintings, love; in other words, they are the ones who make life worth living. Liverpool has plenty of them: the Old-Swan, the An-Field, the Ever-ton…

One of the tribes has gone missing, it’s the Baltic Green tribe. What happened to them? Are they in danger? Their members were last seen on Jamaica Street where they left some traces behind; those traces are visible through augmented reality and might be helpful to solve the puzzle of their disappearance.

You just need a smartphone to see those traces, but all of your imagination to find out what they mean. Come to help to solve this mystery through an augmented reality treasure hunt before it is too late!

If you want to participate, write to info@docupostcards.co.uk
and we will send you all the instructions.

Specifically for children.

Liverpool DJ collective Girls on Deck present a scratch showcase of upcoming local young DJ’s, in partnership with the Unity Youth Club in Toxteth, hosted by District.

The girls on deck showcase for LightNight will celebrate some of our exciting students and the progress they have made, we have no doubt they are going to go on to take and dominate the club scene within the city and beyond!

We want to see more local young female DJ’s taking up space, with our guidance and mentorship we have already seen such a shift in confidence and ownership of their talents, and we want the city to see this and celebrate this too!

About Girls on Deck

Girls on Deck is a community for both established and aspiring DJ’s within the city and beyond. Working closely with the Unity Youth Club in Toxteth, Hannah and Gaia (two of the four GoD members) have facilitated workshops and lessons both within Toxteth and independently through Hannah’s DJ school 123 studios.

Girls on Deck aspires to nurture and celebrate the next generation of female DJ’s, from those as young as 6. It is clear the impact of music and DJing has been nothing but positive and important. Especially in regard to promoting particular genres of music including hip hop, afrobeats and rap.

Working with young people and creating accessible opportunities particularly for our local community here in Liverpool is at the heart of GoD. We understand how hard and elitist this industry can be, and we want to help eradicate that stigma.

Aimed at Adults Only

Bring the Fire Project would like to invite you to join our extraordinary, adrenaline packed workshop taking place outside Black Lodge Brewing.

Play with Fire is now sold out, but if you’d like to join the waiting list please email bringthefireproject@gmail.com

In this approximately 45-minute workshop you will first learn how to do basic tricks and manipulation with a fire sword or fire fans. Initially without fire, but then progressing to setting the props alight under the close supervision of our experienced instructors.

Due to limited availability, you will be required to register online prior to attending and pay a deposit that will be refunded after you attend.

All the safety details explaining how to dress for fire and what to expect are on the Eventbrite booking page. You will also receive a reminder instructional email ahead of the workshop.

This workshop is perfect for complete beginners (18+) with no prior experience and you will be supported throughout your fire journey. As children we are told not to play with fire. As adults we can combine our responsibility and maturity with the curiosity and openness of our inner child and unleash the creativity of this wonderful element. Bring the Fire Project have been regularly organising fire manipulation courses in Liverpool since 2014. We have supervised hundreds of people safely lighting fire props for the first time and we are the only place in Liverpool providing that service, fully insured to teach.

Participants will be welcome to continue to expand their skills after LightNight by joining one of our popular courses right here in Liverpool.

While you are there, after the workshop, make sure you check out what Black Lodge Brewing or nearby Sub Rosa has in store refreshments wise!

Booking is essential via the button below, as places are limited. A deposit is required, which will be refunded after you attend the workshop.

Age guidance: 18+

Baltic Market is place for fussy friends and picky palates, zealous vegans and juicy meat lovers, the gluten-free and the never full. Home of halloumi fries, frozen gin slush and bubble waffles, gyros and wood-fired pizzas.

A place for everyone and everything. So bring your loved one, your mates, your Nan or your Chihuahua and join us in a weekly celebration of everything that makes Liverpool great. We’re Liverpool’s first street food market – come and take a bite!

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more

William Nicolas Crosland – known affectionately as Nicholas, was born in Colwyn Bay on 9th of April 1951. Crosland, a trained classical musician, was the first person from Mabel Fletcher Music College in Liverpool to go to the prestigious Royal College of Music in London.

After university, whilst travelling through India, Crosland met a man who carried a travelling chess board. Its speculated this was the genesis of his tapestries. In 1990 Crosland moved to Barcelona and began his tapestries creation. During that time lots of people wanted to learn Spanish guitar, but its suggested that Crosland only wanted to teach classical guitar so instead he charged his creativity into tapestry. These evolved over time, developing to more abstract and intricate, intertwining with a playful exploration of the hallucinogenic.

This exhibition of William Nicolas Crosland’s tapestries was made possible by his children, Thomas Crosland, William Furgus Crosland and Jana Crosland.

Book required to avoid disappointment.

Please note venue change from 24 Kitchen Street to Chapters of Us

More events from 24 Kitchen Street:

After Party – Crazy P  now hosted at Camp and Furnace

Explore the ritualistic history of coffee’s origins and how our interaction with coffee has changed over time. Watch coffee being roasted, learn about the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and enjoy your favourite drink.

The cafe will be open all night serving coffees, other hot drinks and alcohol if you so wish!

‘The bitter, black, invention of Satan!’ said some old Pope about coffee – until he had a slurp and loved it.

Grab a coffee as barista Gideon – out of work actor, real name Lawrence, and his auntie DeeDee, volunteer barista (it’s on her bucket list) acquaint you of the rituals of the dark brew in the roastery; then join them in the Shed for a secret, bitchy gossip about their dysfunctional family rituals. A new site-specific comedy written by Sue Fowkes and Jamie McLoughlin with performances from Phil Perez and Sue Fowkes.

Liverpool’s most eccentric Baristas take you on a participative romp through strange and perplexing coffee rituals, old and new. Performances last 30 min.

The cafe will be open all night serving, coffees, other hot drinks and alcohol if you so wish!

Luna Space

To celebrate relocating to Northern Lights, ROAD Studios is hosting a temporary gallery in the Luna Space.

‘Rituals of the Mundane’ is ROAD Studios’ response to this year’s theme, paying homage to the imperceptible miracles of the everyday, whilst shining a spotlight on the miniature processes that control forces of order and chaos. It elevates the role of the familiar, providing a platform upon which we can appreciate the essentials of day to day life. If these unsung heroes of the commonplace were to find a new context, celebrated in the foreground, would chaos ensue?

Featuring works by resident artists specialising in fine art, photography, illustration, typography, sculpture, graphic design and jewellery-making on the theme of everyday ritual. An animation screening will also be shown to complement the medley of fine art exhibits. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the artists and view their workspaces to get a feel for where the magic happens.

See roadstudios.co.uk for participating artists. Please note that there is no level access to the open studios.

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here tonight to honour Disco Queen, Donna Summer on the anniversary of her passing into the fourth dimension. Leading the ceremony are local disc jockeys Andrew Ellis and James Binary, navigating the Four Seasons of Love. Free entry, but donations to support LightNight are encouraged on the door.

You’re invited to an ancient ritual: stories by the fireside.

The fires have been set alight. Gather. Hear our story. Journey through Baltic at dusk where the city’s creatives have reclaimed the streets. Delve underground and discover hidden stories.

A creative tour of Baltic Triangle with five stories from the flames produced by Paperwork Theatre. Tours start every hour at 19:00, 20:00 & 21:00, meet outside HOBO Kiosk.

Tours last 45 min.

All of Northern Lights opens its doors!

ROAD Studios present Rituals of the Mundane in the LUNA exhibtion space, paying homage to the imperceptible miracles of the everyday, and the miniature processes that control forces of order and chaos. Rituals of the Mundane features works by resident artists specialising in fine art, photography, illustration, typography, sculpture, graphic design and jewellery-making on the theme of everyday ritual. An animation screening will also be shown to complement the medley of fine art exhibits.

LUNA exhibition space is open until 23:00. The Mezzanine studios are also open until 19:00. Please note: there is no level access to the Mezzanine.


The Royal Standard present Let Your Hands do the Talking, an exhibition of tactile artworks. Many studio members’ doors will also be open for you to explore. Members of HUB Studios & Gallery are also opening up their studios and hosting a market place selling their work.

Tusk are open serving great food and drinks until late.

Multidisciplinary artist and creative Amadeus Kyulx work examines the roles played out in ‘x’ situation using iconography to trigger a form of recognition and allowing the merge between reality and illusion whilst creating a fragmented story the viewer can place themselves in.

Make Baltic will also be holding open studios of their Baltic space to give you a look into the working space of their residents.

ClubTogether is an exhibition and digital installation by design studio Dorothy – the culmination of a seven-week partnership with SEVENSTORE which invites you to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and rituals of electronic music & club culture and contribute memories to an interactive map.

The soundtrack to the evening is provided by DJs including Graeme Park, with additional visual imagery courtesy of Mark McNulty.

Clubbing is one of the greatest cultural phenomenons of our generation. 1988’s Summer of Love provided the inspiration and foundation for a cultural revolution, catapulting dance music and rave culture into the mainstream. Despite our choice of where to go clubbing changing (from free parties in fields and illegal warehouse raves to legendary nights at the Haçienda and sweaty dance-floors of super-clubs like Cream) the rules and rituals of clubbing remain the same.

Dorothy’s installation is a chance for fans of contemporary electronic music and ravers old and new to share their rituals of clubbing and create a community of shared experiences. Host for the evening and partner of the project is SEVENSTORE, a new concept fashion store opening in the Baltic Triangle in April 2019.

The exhibition is co-curated by Dorothy and Ian Mitchell, Lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration at LJMU.

Liverpool’s first street food market, Baltic Market will be providing grub on the go, great cocktails and a whole evening of live music and more.

From wood-fired pizzas to halloumi fries and everything in-between – never LightNight on an empty stomach. Everyone is welcome so bring your mates, bring your Nan, bring the whole family or bring your Chihuahua – and let’s celebrate the ritual of coming together around long benches and feasting to our hearts’ content.

In keeping with this year’s theme, there will also be a special cocktail inspired by a Hawaiian hula dancing ritual, the Hula at Sunset – dark rum, velvet falernum, grenadine, fresh lime, orange and mongozo coconut beer!

Lovely Goose 5:30-7:30, acoustic trio

Soul 4 Soul 7:30-9:30

JDisco 9:30-11:30

Arena Studios and Gallery is a studio space for creatives ranging from fine artists to illustrators and fashion designers. Led by a team of artists who volunteer their time, the studio has an ethos that promotes artistic excellence with a socially driven perspective.

You’re invited to join them for ‘Follow My Doodle’, a drop-in activity suitable for all the family! You’ll doodle your way through a ritual, using fun drawing materials and methods, to create your own unique artwork that will become part of a colourful installation in the Arena gallery. Their studios will also be open for you to look around. Have a mosey round a creative working space and chat to Arena members about their work.

To gain entry to Arena press the intercom buzzer outside the Baltic Social door and meet the team at the lift inside. Arena is on the first floor and they’ll take you up in the lift.

LightNight Commission

Screenings every half hour, on the hour and 30mins past. Film lasts 18min.

Artist collective Projectile Vomit draw on the traditions of the old Gaelic festival of Beltane, one of four seasonal festivals which traditionally took place between the spring equinox and the summer solstice to create a ‘made up pagan ritual for the modern day’.

Every year, disco fans from around the world gather in Liverpool to mark the anniversary of the death of Queen of Disco Donna Summer, and to entreat her to give us a good summer through a centuries-old ritual involving celebration, feasting, dancing and sacrifice. This year, LightNight coincides with this anniversary (the time when Donna’s spirit will be most receptive to the corporeal world).

In accordance with her hit song ‘Summer Fever’, Projectile Vomit erect an audio-visual shrine that will provide focus for our collective disco energies and attempt to induce a Donna Summer Fever to appease the Queen and ensure good weather in the months ahead.

Please note: This installation includes the use of strobe lights, please check notices at the venue.

Baltic Market is Liverpool’s first street food market based in the incredibly iconic Cains Brewery Village. The market is split into 8-10 food options that change every couple of months. From wood-fired pizzas to halloumi fries – the market has become foodie heaven for people of all ages. Our beers are mainly from local brewers, our wine is from an independent merchant, we have local bands on every weekend and we could go on. Baltic Market is a fun way to support Liverpool’s independent food scene.

LightNight is all about exploring and there’ll be plenty of food to explore that’ll give you the energy to walk Liverpool’s streets and get up to something out of the ordinary. With lots of beers from local brewers, wine from local independent merchants and a whole host of cocktails – you won’t go thirsty.

There will also be a special 6-piece funk band called Encore de Funk playing funk and soul covers all night. Maybe bring your dancing shoes.

Upon entering a dark, empty room you are greeted by an instantaneous flash of UV light, revealing an abundance of writing sweeping across the walls.

An engaging installation by Elizabeth Challinor, this work gives a personal presence to the space as it fills up with fleeting thoughts and feelings. Due to the quick nature of the flashing lights, it takes a few attempts to be able to read a single word or phrase, meaning you will never be able to see the work in its entirety at any time.

The Nineteen Hundred and Eleven Party is an interactive installation which celebrates Liverpool’s enduring desire for social justice and transformation. Participants will be asked to contribute their own unique campaign poster to a growing exhibition of the demands for change participants want to see in their society.

The Nineteen Hundred and Eleven Party was first formed in 2011 as part of Bluecoat Gallery’s Democratic Promenade exhibition. The installation has been resurrected for LightNight 2018 to explore if and how a society’s demands for transformation evolves over a period of years and how this relates back to social and political environment. Join the party at www.1911party.org

Join as creatives for LightNight 2018 (Friday 19th May – 5pm – 11pm) for a fun (and free) family-friendly workshop at the Baltic Creative Campus on Jamaica Street!

Flights of Fancy will see participants of all ages transforming everyday objects into beautiful birds, fabulous fish and luscious ladybirds – helping transform an empty space into a menagerie of creatures from the air, the sea and the land!

as creatives are passionate believers in the power of the arts to broaden horizons, raise aspirations and transform lives. They specialise in developing creative programmes and workshops that make learning extraordinary. Over the last five years alone they have worked with over half a million children and young people both nationally and internationally.

You can call as creatives directly on 0151 708 8886. as-creatives.com


An immersive soundscape with hypnotic audio-visuals and live modular synthesis. Change the visuals yourself by creating sounds, captured using microphones placed around the venue. By Mott & White,  Liverpool-based composers and sound designers working in advertisements, film and TV.

Constellations is based in the heart of the Baltic Triangle. The venue is home to an expansive hand-built garden and will serve drinks and light snacks from its bar throughout the night.

Giovanna (SisBis) The Garden 20:15 — 21:15

Sandi Hughes 21:00 — 22:30

Giovanna (SisBis) Main Space 22:30 — 00:30

Manara 00:30 — 02:30

plus BBQ in the Garden

Open Culture and Cartier 4 Everyone present four female artists at one unifying party to jumpstart LightNight into its next phase.

An audio-visual installation blurs into a dance piece; legendary LGBT/BAME archivist Sandi Hughes sets the tone with party tracks cut from 1975 to 2005; the vital global grooves of Giovanna (SisBis) light up the dancefloor further, before the Bollywood/Punjabi pop/club/hip-hop melting moves of south London’s Manara carry us away.

Also features a new work by locally-based video artist Anna Levin, screened 20:30 – 21:30.

Ticketed fundraising party to support LightNight. £4 advance / £5 OTD. Tickets are available to buy here.

Also features the premiere of new video work ‘Binding Ties’. Liverpool-based performer, artist, choreographer and filmmaker Anna Levin has worked with a dancer, costume-maker and composer in creating a dazzling mix of stop-motion cinema and Kabuki-inspired movement. ‘Binding Ties’ is about the relationship between two opposing forces, and a common thread that transforms them, tying them together in unison. With original music by Simon Knighton, this mixed-media video work is chapter one in a story waiting to unfold. From 20:45

Performances last 30 minutes. Step into an immersive environment that will play with your perspective and reveal a new dimension through the process of anamorphosis.

No two people will see the same thing; experience it your own way. A new 3D live light installation and performance by audio-visual artist Carlos Bernal, using electronic sounds with a combination of LED bars and projection-mapped visuals over two giant screens and the floor surface.

Hinterlands is a brand-new event space, situated in the Cains Brewery Village, Baltic Triangle. The venue is industrial, chic and immense in size – a fitting location for Carlos Bernal’s challenging installation. Hinterlands will be serving drinks and light snacks throughout the night.

Now in its second year, Northern Lights is delighted to be welcoming the public into their nooks and crannies! The whole of Mann Street will be opening its doors to artists studios, new event spaces, rehearsal- and recording studios and other creative work spaces.

The Royal Standard Gallery will be open with a moving/transforming sculpture exhibition: And Yet It Moves. Some of the studio members will open their studios for the night and show works and present projects.  http://the-royal-standard.com/ 

HUB Studios & Gallery will be open with resident artists showing work and selling prints. http://hubstudios2.co.uk/

Tusk will be playing host to performances on the night and offer a great space to take a break, have a drink and something to eat.  http://www.tuskbaltic.co.uk/

A team of Baltic Clay artists help you to choose one of our unloved ceramic objects and transform it into something extraordinary!

Use a variety of techniques including specially created stencils, spray paints, glitter and more. You can then take your finished piece home. Suitable for all ages and no need to book.

A journey to the junction where sound meets light, and the old world meets the new.

For one night only Red Brick Vintage is transformed into a playground of luminous delight, with live music acts playing host to a visual of bounty of projections and artefacts from bygone ages.

Beers and gin are available from a popup bar on-site.