21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Commissioned by METAL in association with LightNight

Musician, songwriter and curator Love Ssega presents an escapist family adventure where viewers are transported into a parallel version of Liverpool City region based on Andrew Kiwanuka’s Project Earth comic, which Love Ssega recently commissioned as part of his Season For Change Airs of the South Circular project. New music has been specially written and composed by Love Ssega to accompany this 3D Cut-out Opera, where the 2D characters and friends from Project Earth find themselves filmed and brought to life in 3D.

As a founder member and original songwriter of Clean Bandit, expect hooks to sing along to as well as a mix of synths and baselines associated with Love Ssega’s more experimental solo productions. Touching upon the themes of climate education, justice and air pollution affecting school-age children, Love Ssega brings stories he noticed growing up in South East London by the South Circular to the Liverpool City Region adapted especially for LightNight, as an act of creative solidarity.

Following the event, viewers will be able to download Love Ssega’s music and backgrounds to create their own ‘Cut-Out Opera’ at home with family or friends.

Watch the event here (embedded above) or on Love Ssega’s Youtube channel.

This event will be subtitled

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Want to have your lyrics as part of the Song Machine? Tweet up to 6 words @Stealingsheep #playis

Audience members can send up to six words that will be fed to the Song Machine and processed into a new composition performed live at the British Music Experience on the 21 May 2021.

Live performance at 21:00 on LightNight

Limited tickets are available for some lucky audience members to watch the performance live at British Music Experience!

Stealing Sheep are collaborating with visual artist Amy Cadwallder on Song Machine. Amy is producing the live light art visuals that everyone can experience, either via the live stream or live in the venue. Amy’s work is in video and installation, taking recordings of lights and shiny reflective objects and distorts them into sequences of motion and colour. The video content consists of cutting out and pairing different segments into new patterns, creating repetitive visuals for the viewer to watch.

Tickets for the live performance at the British Music Experience are very limited due to government restrictions and standard covid safety measures are in place. The building and bar is open from 20:00, with performance starting at 21:00. The event takes place in the stage area, and museum galleries remain closed.

Booking is essential.


Everyone can watch Song Machine as a Youtube broadcast on LightNight at 21:00, or you can catch the recording later in the evening.

BSL interpretation will be offered by Andy Higgins to support the performance.

Watch live on LightNight


Join Liverpool’s big mouth scouse singing sensation Filla Crack and some of the most stunning Drag Performers in the UK who will play, interact and delight the night away. Just outside Lush on Church Street we’ll have banging and energetic pop-up kikis. You’re all invited to come play!

During the day artist and designer Leo Soph Welton will be taking over the Lush store windows with a Homotopia mural, and what it says and looks like is decided by you! Visit Homotopia’s social media and send in your ideas around LGBTQIA visibility and identity in our city and Leo will react to your thoughts with some fabulous artwork.

Also, pop into the largest Lush in the world for more fun and a whole host of in store activities with a live DJ and our Lush players keeping the party going. There’s plenty to do, whether you fancy a coffee with a Queen in the Lush coffee shop, have your heart set on getting your make up done by one of Lush’s in store make-up artists or want to send a bath bomb down the newly installed bath bomb run. There’s something to satisfy all of your senses.

Can’t make it in person? At 20:45 a Premiere of Queer The City: Drag Cabaret will be broadcast on the Homotopia YouTube channel.

A Homotopia and LightNight Co-commission, supported by LUSH and Liverpool BID Company.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

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Instagram: @homotopiafest

The Three /VV’s (2021) explores social gatherings and ritual, and is informed by the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio – a mathematical phenomenon visible throughout nature and often applied in classical art. This ongoing performance featuring Liverpool based singers could not invite an audience while restrictions apply, but has been documented instead, with the resulting footage forming the central element of the new three-part video work.

Pathology in Three Parts (2021) follows Mirza’s “modular opera” structure, and features two scenes or “acts” from a previous iteration, Construction of an Act (2019), either side of this new performative element. As new acts join the repertoire, the narrative, based around a shaman who uses her voice to heal, unfolds exploring ideas of sound, medicine and mystical experience. Both works ask us to consider the sociological and physiological properties of the human voice, and explores Mirza’s interest in systems of belief, waveforms and patterns of movement.

Pathology in Three Parts (2021), will feature on Mirza’s forthcoming album released in digital format on the TAKUROKU label as part of a collaboration with Café OTO on 21 May 2021.

Featuring material commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art for the Melbourne International Festival (2019).

Pathology in Three Parts (2021) vocal performance by Sarah-Jane Lewis. The Three /VV’s  (2021) features performances by Anne Taft, Emma Bispham, Jennifer John, Steve Boyland and Tayo Aluko.

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial, with support from Open Culture.

Watch the Excerpt

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Just as the imperceptible atomic world is uncertain, the work’s visual form resonates and changes state through audience engagement, creating a perpetually unfolding ‘scape’ of moiré pattern.

On LightNight audiences can engage with, control and travel through multiple levels of the work via any up-to-date web browser on any (mobile, tablet, desktop) digital device.

This work, commissioned by LightNight Liverpool, was made in collaboration with media-designer Michael Flückiger and composer Ant Dickinson.

The piece is a new edition of an audience responsive installation: ronandevlin.com/in-flow

Limited Addition In Flow prints (in association with LightNight Liverpool) are available at ronandevlin.com/store/in-flow

Photosensitivity warning: Viewer discretion is advised. This work contains flashing and moving, high contrasting light and dark patterns which could trigger a seizure or other symptoms in photosensitive individuals

VIEW IN FLOW HERE >>> www.lightnightliverpool.co.uk/in-flow-online

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Yolanda Mercy invited anyone, new to writing or experienced, to her Writing Lab in the lead up to LightNight. Participants were invited to take inspiration from their lived experiences and the theme of Play to write a compelling and captivating 5-minute monologue.

Yolanda Mercy is an experienced writer and workshop leader, having run workshops for over 10 years. She has worked with a variety of people within the community and professional sector, nationally and internationally. Yolanda is passionate about helping a broad range of people unlock their writing potential.

Four monologues were shortlisted from 50 entries and will be performed by Pauline Daniels, Kevin Harvey and Emma Rydal on LightNight as part of The Play Scratch Night via Zoom:

Victoria Dyson
Monologue Title: Heavy Is The Head
Victoria is a Performer and Co-Artistic Director of Filskit Theatre, who specialise in making work for young audiences. She loves writing, dressing up, creating characters and drinking tea!

Emma Rydal
Monologue Title: Wasted
Emma is an actress and writer based in Cumbria where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She writes and produces her own plays with her company ‘La’al Marra Productions’.

Irene Stuart
Monologue Title: It Happened One Night, Honestly
Irene is a Liverpool playwright and poet. She tends to write dramatic pieces and is the recipient of a number of awards for this genre. Her piece is a little bit spooky with a touch of drama and a smattering of comedy.

Mark Davoren
Monologue Title: Give It Up and Start Again
Mark is a published poet and writer of short stories and a series of Young Adult fiction. He has written several plays with one scheduled to premiere at Liverpool’s Royal Court this Autumn.

The Play Scratch Night will include BSL interpretation and Live Closed Captioning.

Missed the The Play Scratch Night live on LightNight? Watch it on demand here.

Play the Stars

In a new interactive digital commission for LightNight, you are invited to help create a 3D story as Tilt Brush artist Rosie Summers live-paints audience suggestions into a magical virtual reality world set at Liverpool’s waterfront. Produced by theatre company leo&hyde the live-streamed performance will feature a live score by Liverpudlian composer Marco Galvani and storytelling by Rebecca Macauley.

About the artists:

leo&hyde is a Mancunian theatre company, exploring ways to combine live storytelling, music and technology. They’ll be joined by Warrington actress Rebecca Macauley, who starred in their production The Marriage of Kim K at The Lowry in 2019. @leoandhyde

Rosie Summers is a Leeds-based 3D animator, virtual reality artist and Tilt Brush live performer. She tells stories through light and motion with her animation work – check out her Twitter and Instagram at @VR_Rosie.

Marco Galvani is a Liverpudlian composer, equally at home writing classical and electronic. In this project, he’ll create an ecstatic synth vision – listen to his seductive synth soundscapes here.

This event will feature Speech to Text reporting/Closed Caption subtitles.

Interlace is a project with people and community at it’s core. Ahead of Light Night artist Laura-Kate Draws held participatory workshops with a diverse range of community groups to explore what ” home” is  and means? Is it a physical construct or an emotional attachment?  The resulting exhibition brings together the voices of these communities in a series of sculpture based works and an audio piece featuring interviews from the participants.

Ahead of LightNight artist Laura-Kate Draws hosted workshops with a diverse range of community groups to explore what ” home” is and means? The resulting exhibition brings together the voices of these communities in a series of sculpture based works and an audio piece featuring interviews from the participants.Interlace is a project with people and community at its core. Ahead of LightNight artist Laura-Kate Draws held participatory workshops with a diverse range of community groups to explore what Home is and means? Is it a physical construct or an emotional attachment? The resulting exhibition brings together the voices of these communities in a series of sculpture based works and an audio piece featuring interviews from the participants. Wander through the exhibition, share your thoughts and leave your mark by getting involved in a drop in collaborative drawing workshop that is accessible to all ages. Become a part of the exhibition and leave it a little different to how you found it.

Interlace is a project with people and community at its core, with participants invited to explore what home is and means. Is it a physical construct, or an emotional attachment? In the lead up to LightNight artist Laura-Kate Chapman will hold a series of workshops with groups from in and around Liverpool to explore these ideas,

The exhibition is made up of drawings, screen printed images and words inspired by these community workshops, and accompanied by a soundtrack from grassroots pioneers Above the Beaten Track that interlaces the voices of Liverpool residents with ambient music. Original artworks created by workshop participants will also be on show.

Take a moment to wander through the exhibition and reflect on what ‘home’ means to you; you’ll also be able to take part in collaborative drawing and spoken word, to make your own mark on the exhibition and leave it different than when you arrived.




Fly across the city of Liverpool with the Liver birds, Bertie and Bella, as our feathered friends take to the skies in a spectacular journey to find each other and help save their home.

Despite the Monkey presents a new digital spectacle about family and what it means to find your way home. Taking place upon Liverpool’s beautiful Playhouse theatre stage, Home Birds is a theatrical experience that combines digital projection, spoken word and musical performance, developed by Despite the Monkey (and friends). Fly across the city of Liverpool with the Liver birds, Bertie and Bella, as our feathered friends take to the skies in a spectacular journey to find one another and help save their home. Featuring a mesmerising flock of virtually generated Liver birds (created by members of the Toxteth/L8 community) we invite audiences to join us on an adventure unlike any other, as the mighty city of Liverpool rises.

Age guidance 5+

A visual and audio installation based on emerging spoken word artist TEE’s debut EP – a twisted love story tackling self-love, belonging, mental health and vulnerability.

This installation is a physical manifestation of the music, allowing you to experience the emotions, sounds, sights and soul of the project through performance, art, film, discussion and a Q&A.

TEE is a spoken word / rap artist and multi-instrumentalist with influences ranging from Kanye West to H.E.R and Dave.


18:00 & 19:30 CHARTREUSE ROSE

Rejuvenation of the spirit.

A choir performance led by Jabez Walsh


18:30 & 20:00 // PALE PINK ROSE

Consumed by grace and elegance.

A movement piece, choreographed by emerging dancer Eleanor Grace.



An interactive discussion surrounding topics such as fatherhood, mental health, family & love.



Enchanted by love and adoration.

A live performance of the full EP by TEE the artist.



Energy. Vibes. Passion.

A DJ set featuring all the influences and inspirations of A Dozen Roses.   

Our home is in trouble.

With an increase in extreme weather events globally, rising sea levels and shrinking fresh water sources, our entire future depends on what we do next.  The next 50 years are a crucial time in history. As a coastal city Liverpool is at risk of flooding, with our sewer system unable to cope. Liverpool’s vibrant food and drink scene could suffer as our favourite foods struggle to grow in a warming world. Hotter weather means increased health problems in the city through heatstroke, asthma and allergies. We are playing poker with the universe and we are running out of chips.

Come down to the Climate Casino to try your hand at beating the dealer. Can you win or – more importantly – what are you willing to lose?



Everton, Tranmere and Liverpool,

You’ve got me screamin’ and a roarin’

When we see you scorin’

Everton, Tranmere and Liverpool…

With pop up performances at Central Station and James Street Station

Football is a thread that spans cultures, religion, gender, race, age. There is a huge cross-sectional love for the game and the unique fan culture that sits alongside it, passed down from generation to generation. Football has a particularly strong presence on Merseyside, with three clubs – Liverpool Everton and Tranmere Rovers – in just a six-mile radius. These clubs provide fans with a focal point for their hopes and dreams, a sense of identity, community and strong connection to home.

Foto Octo and Merseyrail present an exciting new series of performances bringing together fans of Everton, Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers; taking their songs away from the terraces and representing them anew in the tunnels of Moorfields station and around the Loop Line. Home Game celebrates the inventiveness, creativity and brilliance of the fans. Join in and sing along!

In its purest form football represents honesty, integrity and solidarity. It is synonymous with the people of Liverpool.

Note: Level access via Moorfields off Dale Street.

LightNight Commission

bido lito! and Merseyrail present a new work set within the subterranean tunnels of Moorfields station. RITUAL 2.0 is a large-scale, public realm audio-visual installation, developed by artist Sam Wiehl with an accompanying soundtrack mix by Forest Swords. Marking the launch of bido100! this piece will encourage you to consider a creative future based on Artificial Intelligence.

We live in a fast-paced age of unparalleled technological advancement. Come 2028, it is feasible that robots will be driving our cars, teaching our children and administering our healthcare. It seems that artistic creativity is no longer a uniquely human condition either, with a variety of AI-platforms claiming the capacity to create artwork from scratch with minimal human involvement.

What implication does this new world of creative AI – where art is created independently by machines – have for the cultural, music-based rituals and celebrations so central to our societies? Are we at the vanguard of a new chapter of ritualistic expression, a cross pollination between human and AI creativity? Is this Ritual 2.0?

The installation evolves via a series of live performances taking place every half hour between 17:00 — 22:00.

Level access via Moorfields, off Dale Street.

LightNight Commission

Milapfest and Movema join forces for a joyous celebration of the ritual of Indian marriage, the Baarat. The exuberant outdoor wedding ritual culminates in a Milni, the meeting of two families. In a unique street dance take on this exuberant rite Movema, Bombay Baja Brass Band and local dancers meet and combine what they do best. Join this unique coming together for an exciting fusion of East and West!

An assembly for the city’s multi-faith communities, this event is a raucous, intensely-hued dance party along Church Alley and Church Street, accompanied by Bhangra, jazz and classical music from the Bombay Baja Brass Band – whose musicians are armed with trumpets, trombones, saxophones and dhol drums.

Performances last 20 min.

Funded by Liverpool BID Company.

Please note the 19:30 performance is Bombay Baja Brass Band only.

Get Involved

There are two ways you can be a part of this special LightNight 2019 commission:

 – Attend a free workshop 14:00 – 15:30 on Sunday 5 May. Sign up here.

– Join Movema’s weekly World Fusion Classes every Wednesday at 18:00 to learn the whole show over eight weeks. Open to all, drop in on different dates can be accommodated. Affordable costs apply. Sign up here.

LightNight Commission

Brought together by composer and musician Rory Ballantyne Ad Finitum, in Liverpool Cathedral’s Lady Chapel, seeks to broach this most difficult of subjects on LightNight by creating an intimate, communal atmosphere.

An atmospheric concert featuring new choral arrangements by composer and musician Rory Ballantyne. The eclectic and dynamic repertoire takes you on a journey through uplifting and emotional pop, rock, ancient folk, classical and experimental songs that explore ideas around death and dying in different ways. Soloist Iris Madriaga will perform a Lament.

A new ensemble of singers, The Invisible Choir perform a special repertoire of music that explores ideas around death and dying in different ways, featuring new choral arrangements by Ballantyne. The recital, performed twice, includes traditional and contemporary works for reflecting on those we miss. From 1930s gospel hymn ‘I’ll Fly Away’, and ‘When I am Laid in Earth’ (à la Mara Carlyle) from Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas, to the initially less obvious in the form of The Beach Boys’ ‘Til I Die’, and David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’ – a song taken from his final album Blackstar, which his friend and producer Tony Visconti described as the icon’s “parting gift”.

18:45 — 19:30 (relaxed performance) & 21:30 — 22:15.

There will be a Death Café between performances. For more information click here.

Death rituals are ubiquitous, as we all live and die.

In Western culture, funerals are occasions where we focus on a person’s death: but are they as personal as they could be? What about a ritual where we can come together and talk about death, dying, and the rest? A Death Café is a place where people from all walks of life can gather, share and discuss their perspectives in a friendly and informal setting, breaking down taboos and addressing fears about death.

There will be cake!

LightNight Commission

Screenings every half hour, on the hour and 30mins past. Film lasts 18min.

Artist collective Projectile Vomit draw on the traditions of the old Gaelic festival of Beltane, one of four seasonal festivals which traditionally took place between the spring equinox and the summer solstice to create a ‘made up pagan ritual for the modern day’.

Every year, disco fans from around the world gather in Liverpool to mark the anniversary of the death of Queen of Disco Donna Summer, and to entreat her to give us a good summer through a centuries-old ritual involving celebration, feasting, dancing and sacrifice. This year, LightNight coincides with this anniversary (the time when Donna’s spirit will be most receptive to the corporeal world).

In accordance with her hit song ‘Summer Fever’, Projectile Vomit erect an audio-visual shrine that will provide focus for our collective disco energies and attempt to induce a Donna Summer Fever to appease the Queen and ensure good weather in the months ahead.

Please note: This installation includes the use of strobe lights, please check notices at the venue.

LightNight Commission

A multi-screen installation by international artist duo Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon.

Based on four years of research, the film presents an expansive audiovisual journey into the spiritual and cultural rituals of Brazil. Exploring the boundaries of cinema, the work aims to blur the divide between viewer and subject; taking audiences on an ethnographic exploration of diverse sacred ceremonies progressing through a sensorial realm of movements, dance and music.

A sumptuous, cinematographic meditation on sacred Brazilian culture, Híbridos, the Spirits of Brazil offers a lesson on how we might live now; a moral compass for the Anthropocene age from those living in the most fragile environments.

Visitors can also see Híbridos, the Spirits of Brazil for free between 10:00—15:00 on Saturday 18 May 2019.

For more information about the project visit www.hibridos.cc

Supported by Victoria Gallery & Museum and the University of Liverpool as part of Open House.

LightNight Commission

A participatory project by Liverpool-based Japanese artist anti-cool exploring memorial objects, funerals and ceremonies from different cultures.

Ahead of LightNight and inspired by Japanese cremation ceremonies, burning rituals were held with local participants in which objects of sentimental value, donated by them, were cremated using primitive fire-making tools. The resulting exhibition consists of a multi-screen video installation made up of participants’ interviews showing their personal stories, why their objects were special to them and why they chose for them to be cremated.

This event is part of the Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020.

LightNight Commissison

Recent graduate of the Royal Academy Schools and Art World icon Richie Moment turns his critical third eye on the rituals that interlace our modern lives with eight contemporary light sculptures installed at the historic St. Georges Hall Plateau.

Moment’s video and installation works are as vibrant as they are intriguing – blending neon colours and a grungy aesthetic, with a keen eye for modern anthropology. His work is as emotionally sensitive to the subject as it is impactful. Although Moment always appears to be having a better time in his work than the rest of us, a closer analysis reveals a deeper questioning of the wants and pressures of the human condition.

The light sculptures are shrines to the popular culture we engage with on a daily basis. Whilst their bright colours celebrate convenience food, celebrity and the days of TV on demand, they also hide a darker musing of how much of a good thing is too much of a good thing?

Shrines to things we love are all around us. Whether the multiple takeaway menus pinned to our fridges, or the stack of gossip mags arranged on our coffee tables. But historically, the things we worship are not always what are best for us… or are they?

For level access please enter St George’s Hall via the North Entrance facing Walker Art Gallery.

Find yourself transformed in a series of projected kaleidoscopic patterns. This immersive light and sound installation is responsive to the presence of visitors of all ages, creating sounds and moving patterns based on your actions.

Singing Mirror is suited for all the family to explore and also presents the chance to get a sneak peek of the wonderful displays at the British Music Experience for free. The Star Café will be serving food and drinks throughout the night, as well as hosting live music from the in-house band.

Located opposite the Mersey Ferry terminal, in the Cunard building, The British Music Experience is a dedicated exhibition to the history of British Music.

This interactive work by Jayson Haebich creates a mesmerising effect of colour and light, taking the pure white light from a laser and breaking it apart into millions of its component colours, which are then scattered around to create a dazzling array of colour and light.

RIBA North is the Royal Institute of British Architects’ national architecture centre.

Meet Dolly Twinkle (Elaine Collins) and Dora Belle (Karl Llorca); sisters in the most exciting double act since Velma and Veronica (deceased) Kelly. Both are fighting to find their place in a world that takes no account of their talents or their particular disabilities.

For one night only, hear their Gogglebox-style thoughts on art, life and the right way to sing a Dolly Parton song. Expect drag, singing, heartbreak, and slippers. BSL interpretation by Karl Llorca and Janet Guest.

Email info@culture.org.uk if you have other access requirements.

17:00 – 17:15 (Main Staircase)

18:40 – 19:00 (East Reception Room)

20:15 – 20:30 (Large Ballroom)

From the Big Bang to mobile-obsessed humans, Tmesis Theatre take you on a crazily transformative, twenty minute, fast-paced journey of our evolution. Using their trademark quirky, comic and entertaining physical style, this new street piece is accompanied by a journey through live music, from the didgeridoo to the digital! Based here in Liverpool, Tmesis have toured their award-winning physical theatre productions nationally and internationally for the past 14 years.

Takes place outside Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building at Albert Dock.

This event is supported by Albert Dock Liverpool.

Directed by Elinor Randle
Performers: Eleni Edipidi,  Yasmine Goulden, Chris Murray, Charles Sandford and Guy Shread
Music Barry Han and Meike Holzmann
Designed by Stephanie O Hara
Produced by Claire Bigley

In Atoms presents a new installation and performance work that imagines a world where the human fixation with classification breaks down and a more authentic understanding of relationships emerges.

Presented as a two-screen dialogue with an original musical score, the piece utilises tape and Super 8 collage and manipulation. Through slow and blissful loops of sound, dialogue, and film footage, The Imago tells the life cycle of a moth as a personal history between two people. The dialogue breaks down; the lines blur. Only the moths remain.

On the last iceberg the last polar bear drifts on the ocean, singing in heartfelt remembrance of a world he once knew that has been devastated by climate change. At first he castigates humans for their greed, but then as the iceberg shrinks beneath him he begins his beautiful lament to a world now utterly transformed.

A new original piece that, through the character of this solitary polar bear, speaks of the devastating effect we are having on our glorious planet. Written by composer and lyricist Patrick Dineen and performed by David Pisaro. Costume design by Rosalind Henderson. Lighting by Phil Saunders.

Performances last approx. 15 minutes: 18:00, 18:45, 19:30, 20:15, 21:00 & 22:00

As evening falls on the city prepare for an encounter challenging your conception of modern poetry, in a new light installation by artist John Elcock that quite literally transforms sign into symbol. Head to the piazza in front of Lime Street Station where at the gateway to a changing city, you will be greeted with words of reflection and illumination. Stanza re-interprets a device all too familiar from our daily encounter with the modern world, into something altogether more enigmatic and less purposeful.

Fragments of text from his striking poetry will be displayed in a unique and powerful way to transform Lime Street into a place of quiet reflection and challenge the didactic trend of our information-led culture.  Continuing the Liverpool-tradition of painter-poets, Elcock’s writing is full of rich imagery, drawing on the themes of landscape, birds and symbolism found in his paintings and which in 2018 resulted in selection for the prestigious Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize exhibition, the UK’s leading competition for British contemporary representational painting. His three collections of poetry are published by The Artel Press.