21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Part of Liverpool Biennial 2021

Luisa Ungar has worked with a group of clairvoyants around various types of material from collections and archives in the city of Liverpool. The experts will be available to the public to answer questions via phone calls. Ask a question, share a concern or an urgency.

Reversal consultations can help you identify the nature of what you already ingested. Regurgitation is the way, constant rumination is a must. You have been colonised by uncountable hidden diseases. We might show you the symptoms. Pricking, a tooth, soap, ticks. Do you want to remember? Remove the center and the universe will open for you.  Clairvoyant skills to guide your way back and forth. Access what they tried to silence. Melt with the (im)pure margins. Custom made spells harness the proximity of the Voice.

Inspired by reports of contagion, hygienisation and witch-hunting, Ungar explores ways of reclaiming practices that were marginalized by the modern-capitalist world, revising forms of deprivation of women’s voices in connection to local history.

With limited availability, the calls will take place three evenings a week from Thursdays to Saturdays. Following your booking, a number will be emailed directly on the morning of your call, for you to dial in at your booked time. Each call is free of charge and will last a maximum of 20 minutes, including a closing message at the end.

To make a booking click here.

About Luisa Ungar

Luisa Ungar´s multidisciplinary practice explores how social norms are constructed and institutionalised through language. She is interested in mechanisms that question ways in which local history is constructed, using didactic strategies that trace colonial structures implicit in our ways of learning, communicating and speaking. She looks for threads on animality and the non-human which shape our behaviour, and her performances are often built on conversations from the local environment and interweave micro-stories with seemingly disjointed historical narratives and archaeological remains in order to build new layers of meaning.

Take a taxi ride into an alternate world within the city of Liverpool, where the Cumbian beat of Latin American music intersects with primordial forces.

You can experience Erick Beltrán’s Superposition (2021) by booking a special ComCab Taxis on 0151 298 2222 (normal phone and taxi rates apply). Available throughout Liverpool Biennial, the full Superposition commission, combining lights and music alongside the graphic designs, can be experienced across 5 taxis, while on display across the tip-seats of an additional 30 taxis are Beltrán’s graphic designs, complete with QR codes providing access to the accompanying audio.

There will be sparks. There will be flames. There will be bellowing.

Come and join us on LightNight as we turn rock into metal without the help of Ozzy Osborne! Visit our site to learn more and join us for interactive discussions of mines, metals and magic at 18.00–18.30 and 20.00–20.30.

A playful look at the production of copper

A restful soundscape of smelting

Game of Stones: The Magic of Metallurgy — 6pm Discussion

Game of Stones: The Magic of Metallurgy — 8pm Discussion

Enjoy these events online on LightNight right here or at: www.liverpool.ac.uk/archaeology-classics-and-egyptology/lightnight2021

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Social Media
Twitter: @livancworlds
Facebook: @LivAncWorlds
Instagram: @garstangmuseumofarchaeology

Join Open Eye Gallery for an evening of personal oracle card readings with citizen sci-artist Jay Hampton, exploring the wildflowers of Liverpool. A specially created oracle deck will shed light on the present, but also help us to imagine and manifest a better future.

No booking required, join us on Instagram Live @openeyegallery, and request to have your cards read, or simply watch the readings!

Session 1: 17:00 – 17:30

Session 2: 20:00 – 20:30

Join us on Instagram Live @openeyegallery

Jay Hampton is a working-class citizen SciArtist from Liverpool with a BSc Earth & Ocean Sciences and Zoology from the University of Liverpool and MA Art in Science from Liverpool John Moores University.

Her practice is based around citizen science and the environmental changes during the Anthropocene. Most projects use climate data trends to look forward to the year 2050, while her main areas of research are the future of food, biosensors, climate change as a public health issue and the importance of the ocean as an atmospheric buffer.

Image credit: Jay Hampton

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

On LightNight 2021, dot-art and Open Eye Gallery launch a new trail of seven art works, sited along the Baltic Corridor from Wapping Dock to Bold Street, produced by internationally renowned artist Andrew Merritt of Something & Son. Andrew has transformed seven small pieces of public infrastructure (such as billboard, drainage system, vent systems), to make them useful for other species.

Join us for an online discussion to hear the team behind the Heavy Gardening art trail discuss how art and culture can help build engagement with the green agenda and help communities feel part of the fight against climate change.

Hosted by Lucy Byrne, Managing Director at dot-art, joined by:

Ben Deed – LERC Manager, Merseyside BioBank

Andrew Merritt – Artist & Co-founder of Something & Sons

Dr Juliet Staples – Senior Project Manager, URBAN GreenUP

Andy Yates – Creative Producer, Open Eye Gallery

The Heavy Gardening art trail forms part of the wider EU funded Horizon 2020 URBAN GreenUP project currently taking place in Liverpool. dot-art, Open Eye Gallery and First Take were commissioned to deliver the art element of the project.

Image credit: Andrew Merritt

Activity Packs

Over the next two years Open Eye Gallery is working with a range of partners to develop a programme with a focus on climate change. To complement our online LightNight events, which explore how we can engage with the green agenda through art, we’ve created ‘Grow-at-Home’ activity packs. The packs contain native wildflower seeds, photo challenges and projects by local artists and organisations engaging with the green agenda and a small number are available to collect and take home from the gallery on LightNight.

If you are taking part in LightNight’s online offer from home, you can order an activity pack to be posted to you. To order, email sorcha@openeye.org.uk by 13th May to receive on time for LightNight.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Want to have your lyrics as part of the Song Machine? Tweet up to 6 words @Stealingsheep #playis

Audience members can send up to six words that will be fed to the Song Machine and processed into a new composition performed live at the British Music Experience on the 21 May 2021.

Live performance at 21:00 on LightNight

Limited tickets are available for some lucky audience members to watch the performance live at British Music Experience!

Stealing Sheep are collaborating with visual artist Amy Cadwallder on Song Machine. Amy is producing the live light art visuals that everyone can experience, either via the live stream or live in the venue. Amy’s work is in video and installation, taking recordings of lights and shiny reflective objects and distorts them into sequences of motion and colour. The video content consists of cutting out and pairing different segments into new patterns, creating repetitive visuals for the viewer to watch.

Tickets for the live performance at the British Music Experience are very limited due to government restrictions and standard covid safety measures are in place. The building and bar is open from 20:00, with performance starting at 21:00. The event takes place in the stage area, and museum galleries remain closed.

Booking is essential.


Everyone can watch Song Machine as a Youtube broadcast on LightNight at 21:00, or you can catch the recording later in the evening.

BSL interpretation will be offered by Andy Higgins to support the performance.

Watch live on LightNight

Come and take a LightNight stroll down wonderful Windsor Street, and discover May-time treasures. Join in games, see and make great art and enjoy tasty food with the Squash and Family Hive gang.

As outdoors is now the new indoors, we invite you to visit our new on-the-street gallery and our first exhibition, Signs of the Times. Local artists and community members have contributed to this group show of new and archive drawings, embroidery, photographs, poetry and painting, celebrating spring growth, community action and the importance of togetherness.

On LightNight we’ll be playing recreational games responding to the artworks and would love you and your family to join in. And we hope your visit inspires you to get creative by taking photos, writing poems and making pictures. Signs of the Times has been activated by Squash’s 100 year street vision, inspired by nature; to actively transform our Windsor Street neighbourhood into a people-powered place that is known throughout the world for being a playful, resilient and loving community where everybody thrives!

Community arts organisation Family Hive uses play as a key approach to community participation and will be co-designing the street games on LightNight.

The Squash cafe will be open with a special menu for LightNight.

Signs of the Times is dedicated to our dear friend, the photographer and baker Mark Loudon, whose work features in this exhibition.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Image credit: Blossom by Tabitha Moses photograph by Jon Barraclough

With the grand opening of British artist Peter Walker’s Peace Doves on this year’s LightNight it promises to be a truly memorable night. Peace Doves comprises of many thousands of beautiful paper doves flying high above the Well.

Thousands of cathedral visitors over the last year have written upon the Peace Doves to document their hopes and prayers. Both playful and uplifting, the installation will sit alongside a programme which will begin with Choral Evensong and the always engaging and fun demonstration from one of the world’s biggest cathedral organs.

This year the main installation will also be supplemented by a range of musical interludes throughout the evening, including Liverpool based company Katumba who are a fierce fusion of UK big beat, Caribbean calypso and the carnivals of Northeast Brazil. Katumba will be popping up to perform outside the front of the cathedral.

The cathedral’s fabulous young Choral Scholars will entertain with some operatic scenes and the professional chamber choir L24 will present a programme of uplifting music with themes of both peace and a African and Latin-American vibe alongside Katumba.

Inside, on the Welsford porch, will feature the cathedral’s wonderful new catering offer from Liverpool company Flynnhurst with an array of mouth-watering food – including the ever popular cathedral barbecue.

17:00 Cathedral opens
17:30 – 18:05 Choral Evensong with peace as the theme
18:10 – 18:45 Organ demonstration with Ian Tracey
18:45 – 19:15 Choral Masterpieces sung by the Cathedral Choir
19:30 – 20:00 Scenes from musicals and operas sung by Choral Scholars. Semi-staged.
20:00 – 20:30 Katumba Drummers
20:30 – 21:30 Concert with L24 choir and Organist Daniel Greenway collaborating with Katumba Drummers
21:30 – 22:00 Organ performance of music from films given by Daniel Bishop. With lighting effects!

The Peace Doves installation will run at Liverpool Cathedral until the end of the Summer.

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more

We invite you to play The Game. Choose to play a part or become a spectator. Choose to be a policeman, a politician, a criminal or a migrant.

This is a chance to play, to explore your beliefs, express ideas and reposition yourself in our capsule society.

Your challenge is to move around the board and play your role with honesty and integrity.

We challenge you through play to imagine the role of the other. Inspired by Augusto Boal’s forum theatre The Game, seeks to motivate and create an authentic space for dialogue, reflection and action, and all whilst having fun!

The Game was created and is presented by photographer and fine artist Ruth Dillon

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly
Age guidance: 12+

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more



Paint The Sky

Roll up, roll up for the Greatest Show on Great George Street. For one night only, step into a world of wonder, astonishment and fun for all the family. Join The Black-E Youth Circus and Mersey Swing for an evening of interactive Swingin’ Circus splendour.

18:00 Youth Circus Performance
18:30 Circus Workshop
19:15 Youth Circus and Mersey Swing Performance
19:30 Mersey Swing Charleston Taster
20:30 Mersey Swing Charleston Taster

The Black-E Youth Circus is a friendly, vibrant group, based in the Black-E’s wonderful main space. Sessions are a mixture of tutor-led teaching and independent learning. Our emphasis is on learning circus in a respectful, safe environment, with plenty of fun thrown in.

Mersey Swing CIC is a Social Enterprise based in The Black-E and is passionate about sharing the joy, excitement, and creativity of swing dancing. We focus on creating a positive, fun-filled and welcoming atmosphere where you can meet new people and learn some new dance moves along the way.

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children

For LightNight 2021, Focal Studios, DefProc Engineering, Urban Workbench and Everyman & Playhouse Theatres have come together to create an original, interactive projection-mapped game called LUX specially created for St Luke’s ‘Bombed Out Church’.

LUX is an immersive augmented reality game and art installation that responds to the theme of Play by giving LightNight visitors the chance to interact with one of the city’s most iconic cultural venues through multi-sensory play.

Inside a futuristic control pod inspired by classic 80s sci-fi and retro-futuristic games, players will use contactless gesture controls to play with a wondrous virtual machine integrated into the architecture of St Luke’s tower, seeing the building come alive with light and energy as they progress. Racing against the clock, LUX will challenge players to apply creative problem solving skills in response to a dynamic environment, seeing how even mistakes and failure can lead to discovery and wonder. Each interaction with the projected visuals will reward the player with entrancing multi-sensory feedback through light, wind and bass generators inside the pod, offering a truly unique experience where they become the artist, controller and performer for the gathered audience.

This fully accessible and larger-than-life experience will leave a lasting impact on audiences and make users examine the role of immersive and augmented reality gaming in the physical world.

You can come along to watch, or book a ticket to play LUX yourself.

Player slots and audience capacity is limited due to COVID restrictions.

WARNING: This installation may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children
Age guidance: 5+

Social Media

Twitter: @focalstudiosltd
Facebook: @focalstudiosltd @stlukesbombedoutchurch
Instagram: @focalstudiosltd


Play Up

How We Move, How You Move Me

Songs from The Show Must Go On


An interactive performance led by artist Abbie Bradshaw, using hula-hooping as a choreographic display focusing largely on the body, its movement, and how we move together.

Loosely directed by the artist, using audience participation to allow the relationship between the body and the object to remain spontaneous and natural. Abbie aims to engage the audience to take part in forming a symbiotic display with a similar aesthetic to a 1980s workout video. She uses sounds, body movement and objects to challenge our movements within the everyday.

You are invited to come along and watch, or take part in each of the 15-minute performances, which involves only hula-hooping led by the artist, in a group of 6 people working together to form a choreographic performance. This requires no expertise in using a hula-hoop but a general interest in using your body and objects as a tool.  There are 6 places for each session available, please book your place in advance. The performances will be filmed.

Session one 16:15 – 16:30
Session two 17:10 – 17:25
Session three 19:35 – 19:50

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults



Play Up

Songs from The Show Must Go On



Join Liverpool’s big mouth scouse singing sensation Filla Crack and some of the most stunning Drag Performers in the UK who will play, interact and delight the night away. Just outside Lush on Church Street we’ll have banging and energetic pop-up kikis. You’re all invited to come play!

During the day artist and designer Leo Soph Welton will be taking over the Lush store windows with a Homotopia mural, and what it says and looks like is decided by you! Visit Homotopia’s social media and send in your ideas around LGBTQIA visibility and identity in our city and Leo will react to your thoughts with some fabulous artwork.

Also, pop into the largest Lush in the world for more fun and a whole host of in store activities with a live DJ and our Lush players keeping the party going. There’s plenty to do, whether you fancy a coffee with a Queen in the Lush coffee shop, have your heart set on getting your make up done by one of Lush’s in store make-up artists or want to send a bath bomb down the newly installed bath bomb run. There’s something to satisfy all of your senses.

Can’t make it in person? At 20:45 a Premiere of Queer The City: Drag Cabaret will be broadcast on the Homotopia YouTube channel.

A Homotopia and LightNight Co-commission, supported by LUSH and Liverpool BID Company.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Social Media

Twitter: @HomotopiaFest
Facebook: @LGBT.festival.liverpool
Instagram: @homotopiafest

Exploring the possibilities of play as creativity, Despite the Monkey invites you to join us in Liverpool Town Hall or online, as we enlist your help in constructing a digital mural of the city’s skyline.

Have fun colouring and decorating your own individual online tile as you help us grow our stunning panoramic image of Liverpool over the course of the night.

Take part by visiting us in Liverpool Town Hall’s majestic Council Chamber where we’ll be projecting the mural, or by going online and designing your own tile from wherever you may be.

This is a playful, visually spectacular experience for all ages. Make sure to check out our livestream on the night to see our progression in real time.

To take part just turn up or click here to play online.

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children

Social Media

Twitter: @despite_monkey
Facebook: @despitethemonkey
Instagram: @despitethemonkey



The Game

Join VideOdyssey as we launch our VideoDrome viewing experience. Come and witness a lost slice in time as you enter a time warp where VHS lives.

Showing a selection of the best comedy films from the 80s and 90s, you will be guided through our TV studio space by a team of improv actors who will be performing between 18:00—21:00.

Browse our 10,000 strong video shop tape collection and choose a video to play. Visit our replica Mushnik’s flower shop, where you can get refreshments. Record your favourite film picks on our studio cameras for future visitors to watch.

Enter through the Toxteth TV building and garden and be guided on a one-way viewing system.

Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Age guidance: 12+

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more

Join us for an evening of fun on and around Bluecoat Platform – our new sculpture designed by Simon & Tom Bloor in collaboration with children from our Out of the Blue children’s programme.

Experience a range of family activities suitable for all ages around the sculpture come and get loud and colourful with us! There’ll also be an opportunity to build your own miniature Platform to take home with you. We’ll also have activities available online, just in case you aren’t joining us in person!

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children
Age guidance:  Ages 5-11

Image Credit: Plan for Bluecoat Platform. Image courtesy Simon & Tom Bloor

More at Bluecoat:

LightNight at Bluecoat

Play along with Tickle The Ivories at Liverpool ONE this LightNight!

Tickle is back on Friday 21 May for the 11th year running. The much-loved piano festival will fill the streets of Liverpool ONE with music again, starting on LightNight with surprise pop up performances.

You’ll also have the chance to try your hand at playing the pianos, or perform the songs you’ve been practicing during lockdown. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, our pianos are available to anyone to play freely.

Tickle The Ivories will run until 1 August with more performances to be announced and, as always, will be open to anyone who wishes to book a busking slot or just turn up and play!

Visit www.liverpool-one.com/events/tickle to find out more.

Did you know that there are tribes of small creatures who live around us? We are not aware of them, but we need them. They are the ones who whisper without words and inspire jokes, fun dances, music, paintings, love; in other words, they are the ones who make life worth living. Liverpool has plenty of them: the Old-Swan, the An-Field, the Ever-ton…

One of the tribes has gone missing, it’s the Baltic Green tribe. What happened to them? Are they in danger? Their members were last seen on Jamaica Street where they left some traces behind; those traces are visible through augmented reality and might be helpful to solve the puzzle of their disappearance.

You just need a smartphone to see those traces, but all of your imagination to find out what they mean. Come to help to solve this mystery through an augmented reality treasure hunt before it is too late!

If you want to participate, write to info@docupostcards.co.uk
and we will send you all the instructions.

Specifically for children.

Bring the Fire Project would like to invite you to join our extraordinary, adrenaline packed workshop taking place outside Black Lodge Brewing.

Play with Fire is now sold out, but if you’d like to join the waiting list please email bringthefireproject@gmail.com

In this approximately 45-minute workshop you will first learn how to do basic tricks and manipulation with a fire sword or fire fans. Initially without fire, but then progressing to setting the props alight under the close supervision of our experienced instructors.

Due to limited availability, you will be required to register online prior to attending and pay a deposit that will be refunded after you attend.

All the safety details explaining how to dress for fire and what to expect are on the Eventbrite booking page. You will also receive a reminder instructional email ahead of the workshop.

This workshop is perfect for complete beginners (18+) with no prior experience and you will be supported throughout your fire journey. As children we are told not to play with fire. As adults we can combine our responsibility and maturity with the curiosity and openness of our inner child and unleash the creativity of this wonderful element. Bring the Fire Project have been regularly organising fire manipulation courses in Liverpool since 2014. We have supervised hundreds of people safely lighting fire props for the first time and we are the only place in Liverpool providing that service, fully insured to teach.

Participants will be welcome to continue to expand their skills after LightNight by joining one of our popular courses right here in Liverpool.

While you are there, after the workshop, make sure you check out what Black Lodge Brewing or nearby Sub Rosa has in store refreshments wise!

Booking is essential via the button below, as places are limited. A deposit is required, which will be refunded after you attend the workshop.

Age guidance: 18+

Hosted by multi award-winning poet Ciarán Hodgers and featuring some special guest performances from Levi Tafari, Greg Quiery, and rapper K. So come and connect with artists and audiences across Liverpool for WoWFest’s exciting 21st birthday festival programme,

Want to perform as part of Word Play on LightNight?

Sign up for 3min performance slot via the short application form here.

WoWFest welcome readings of poetry, short and flash fiction, script-in-hand readings, or singing. Each slot will be a maximum of 3-minutes and you will be required to join the Zoom call 30 mins before the your allocated performance time, which will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Special guests Levi Tafari, Greg Quiery, and rapper K

Levi Tafari

An internationally touring artist, Levi Tafari is a crucial, rhythmic, poetic, consciousness raiser and urban griot. Levi was born and raised in the city of Liverpool by his Jamaican parents. In his teenage years, he became known for being a sharp, lyrical observer as he regularly verbalised on the many sound systems in and around his hometown. Levi’s work is deeply rooted in the oral tradition. He passionately believes that poetry should not just stay on the page and that the tongue was the very first instrument.

Greg Quiery

Greg Quiery’s collection of poetry, published by Stairwell Books, York, springs primarily from his experience of life in Liverpool, where he has lived since coming to Britain from Co. Down in the 1970s. Greg has been a community worker, secondary school teacher and adult education lecturer. He has been active in the Liverpool Irish Festival and conducts local history tours focusing on places locally associated with the city’s Irish connection.


K is a Liverpool rapper and poet. As a criminology student, he embeds current criminological teachings within his poems and songs, in order to exercise a voice against social issues such as racism and their profound effect on the individual and communities as a whole. As well as this, he aims to provide an insight into being a ‘mixed-race man in the sights of Union Jack gun’ (Quoted from Down the Barrel by K).


For more information on WoWFest and their exciting 21st birthday festival programme, you can find a full listing here: www.wowfest.uk. Don’t forget to get your WoWFest Festival Pass granting you access to the entire festival.*Some exclusions apply – see Festival Programme for more information.

Proudly supported by The Institute of Creative Enterprise at Edge Hill University’s MA in International Creative Enterprise.

*Some exclusions apply – see Festival Programme for more information.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

This event will be subtitled via Zoom

Social Media

Twitter: @wowfest
Facebook: @writingonthewall.liverpool
Instagram: wow_fest

Just as the imperceptible atomic world is uncertain, the work’s visual form resonates and changes state through audience engagement, creating a perpetually unfolding ‘scape’ of moiré pattern.

On LightNight audiences can engage with, control and travel through multiple levels of the work via any up-to-date web browser on any (mobile, tablet, desktop) digital device.

This work, commissioned by LightNight Liverpool, was made in collaboration with media-designer Michael Flückiger and composer Ant Dickinson.

The piece is a new edition of an audience responsive installation: ronandevlin.com/in-flow

Limited Addition In Flow prints (in association with LightNight Liverpool) are available at ronandevlin.com/store/in-flow

Photosensitivity warning: Viewer discretion is advised. This work contains flashing and moving, high contrasting light and dark patterns which could trigger a seizure or other symptoms in photosensitive individuals

VIEW IN FLOW HERE >>> www.lightnightliverpool.co.uk/in-flow-online

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Once you’ve finished watching our video, we want you to create and capture your own table top scene and share it with the world by tagging us on Twitter or Instagram – @NTHardmansHouse. We’ll be sharing your (and our) creations throughout the evening on our social media. You’ll be amazed at what you can create by playing around with a camera, some household objects and your imagination.

As part of the video, you’ll also learn about the life and work of the Hardmans and get a glimpse of the original studio and other interesting rooms in the 1950s time capsule on Rodney Street.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

This event is subtitled

Social Media

Twitter: @NTHardmansHouse
Facebook: @NTHardmansHouse
Instagram: @NTHardmansHouse

Making tiny movements with characters or objects and filming a frame per movement will bring your scene to life. Watch our own mini VG&M scene then find out how to create your own film with our step-by-step guide below!

The University of Liverpool is home to the Victoria Gallery & Museum (VG&M), the impressive redbrick Victoria Building on Brownlow Hill. It has a wide-ranging collection reflecting the many subjects taught at the university and a wide ranging art collection including fine art, sculpture and ceramics. As well as interesting permanent displays, there is a varied regularly changing exhibitions programme.

Step-by-step Guide

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children
Age guidance: suitable for adults and families

Alfred Waterhouse was the Liverpool-born architect who designed our wonderful Victoria Building but he’s got trapped inside it! Can you help him escape the Clock Tower goblins in our brand new escape room game? Journey through the Victoria Building solving puzzles and answering questions about the building, the many clocks within it, the university and Liverpool.

Play the game here

The University of Liverpool is home to the Victoria Gallery & Museum (VG&M), the impressive redbrick Victoria Building on Brownlow Hill. It has a wide-ranging collection reflecting the many subjects taught at the university and a wide ranging art collection including fine art, sculpture and ceramics. As well as interesting permanent displays, there is a varied regularly changing exhibitions programme.

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children
Age guidance: suitable for adults and families

Play our brand new for LightNight I-Spy game. Meet ‘Oriel’, one of the VG&M’s most popular sculptures, as she comes to life to help you explore the beauitful Victoria Building, solve clues, spell out a word and complete the game. With our 360 camera, you can move around all areas of the museum and gallery discovering artefacts, artworks and architecture. The first ten correct answers submitted will win a prize!

Play the game here

The University of Liverpool is home to the Victoria Gallery & Museum (VG&M), the impressive redbrick Victoria Building on Brownlow Hill. It has a wide-ranging collection reflecting the many subjects taught at the university and a wide ranging art collection including fine art, sculpture and ceramics. As well as interesting permanent displays, there is a varied regularly changing exhibitions programme.

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children
Age guidance: suitable for adults and families

A Dance is dancing

Sunlight Plays

Frog Rave


Join us on a journey deep into the wondrous world we are part of, this unique planet earth – birds flying overhead, worms in the soil underfoot, fish in the rivers, bees gathering nectar, the sounds of frogs in Spring, the night time calls of owls and foxes.

For many of them, just like people, play is a vital part of life, and  some of the most wonderful play is intrinsic to courtship rituals, such as the magnificent display of a male bird of paradise, or the dancing and boxing of hares in Spring. Enjoy and be inspired by tales, songs and poems about all these and more.

We invite you to participate in an interactive sessions where you can share your own stories of creatures at play that you have encountered or made a special connection with. You may even want to transform yourself into a particular animal (fish, bird, insect, mammal, reptile) and tell us about yourself in your own way, make us guess who you are, even draw a picture if you want.

Who is this workshop for?

This is for everyone, for all ages. It’s a chance to share your insights, thoughts and memories about creatures you have seen, know and love. To celebrate the varied life of our shared home.

Make sure you book in advance, places are very limited!

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly.  Children must have a parent or guardian taking part with them.
Age guidance: 8+

Celebrate 45 years of The Windows Project writing games. Come and play two of their most popular on-line board games. Judy Mazonowicz and Michelle Sakim will help you write a poem on the spot!

It’s all super simple, you collect images and ideas to help you to write a poem of your own. You can choose to write about your own neighbourhood, starting with your ‘Street’, or in the world of fantasy and imagination with our ever-popular ‘Spells’ game.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for families and children aged 7 upwards. It is advised that all children must have a parent or guardian taking part with them.  Each session will last 30 minutes per family group. Adults are also welcome to form their own group for a session.

Materials needed

Pens and paper, and if possible, a dice.


Please email David via windowsproject@btinternet.com

About The Windows Project

This summer The Windows Project celebrate 45 years of games-based writing workshops in play schemes, libraries and community venues across Merseyside and beyond. They have also run sessions for Tate Liverpool, Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool World Museum, the Bold Street Festival and many others. Their writing tutors include celebrated storytellers, playwrights, poets and authors.

You will need to book a time slot for you and your family to take part (1 ticket per group or family sharing a computer or device).

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children. Children must take part with a parent or guardian.
Age guidance: 7 +.  Adults can join in too!

Social Media

Twitter: @WindowsProject_
Instagram: @WindowsProject_

Yolanda Mercy invited anyone, new to writing or experienced, to her Writing Lab in the lead up to LightNight. Participants were invited to take inspiration from their lived experiences and the theme of Play to write a compelling and captivating 5-minute monologue.

Yolanda Mercy is an experienced writer and workshop leader, having run workshops for over 10 years. She has worked with a variety of people within the community and professional sector, nationally and internationally. Yolanda is passionate about helping a broad range of people unlock their writing potential.

Four monologues were shortlisted from 50 entries and will be performed by Pauline Daniels, Kevin Harvey and Emma Rydal on LightNight as part of The Play Scratch Night via Zoom:

Victoria Dyson
Monologue Title: Heavy Is The Head
Victoria is a Performer and Co-Artistic Director of Filskit Theatre, who specialise in making work for young audiences. She loves writing, dressing up, creating characters and drinking tea!

Emma Rydal
Monologue Title: Wasted
Emma is an actress and writer based in Cumbria where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She writes and produces her own plays with her company ‘La’al Marra Productions’.

Irene Stuart
Monologue Title: It Happened One Night, Honestly
Irene is a Liverpool playwright and poet. She tends to write dramatic pieces and is the recipient of a number of awards for this genre. Her piece is a little bit spooky with a touch of drama and a smattering of comedy.

Mark Davoren
Monologue Title: Give It Up and Start Again
Mark is a published poet and writer of short stories and a series of Young Adult fiction. He has written several plays with one scheduled to premiere at Liverpool’s Royal Court this Autumn.

The Play Scratch Night will include BSL interpretation and Live Closed Captioning.

Missed the The Play Scratch Night live on LightNight? Watch it on demand here.

Interlace is a project with people and community at it’s core. Ahead of Light Night artist Laura-Kate Draws held participatory workshops with a diverse range of community groups to explore what ” home” is  and means? Is it a physical construct or an emotional attachment?  The resulting exhibition brings together the voices of these communities in a series of sculpture based works and an audio piece featuring interviews from the participants.

Ahead of LightNight artist Laura-Kate Draws hosted workshops with a diverse range of community groups to explore what ” home” is and means? The resulting exhibition brings together the voices of these communities in a series of sculpture based works and an audio piece featuring interviews from the participants.Interlace is a project with people and community at its core. Ahead of LightNight artist Laura-Kate Draws held participatory workshops with a diverse range of community groups to explore what Home is and means? Is it a physical construct or an emotional attachment? The resulting exhibition brings together the voices of these communities in a series of sculpture based works and an audio piece featuring interviews from the participants. Wander through the exhibition, share your thoughts and leave your mark by getting involved in a drop in collaborative drawing workshop that is accessible to all ages. Become a part of the exhibition and leave it a little different to how you found it.

Interlace is a project with people and community at its core, with participants invited to explore what home is and means. Is it a physical construct, or an emotional attachment? In the lead up to LightNight artist Laura-Kate Chapman will hold a series of workshops with groups from in and around Liverpool to explore these ideas,

The exhibition is made up of drawings, screen printed images and words inspired by these community workshops, and accompanied by a soundtrack from grassroots pioneers Above the Beaten Track that interlaces the voices of Liverpool residents with ambient music. Original artworks created by workshop participants will also be on show.

Take a moment to wander through the exhibition and reflect on what ‘home’ means to you; you’ll also be able to take part in collaborative drawing and spoken word, to make your own mark on the exhibition and leave it different than when you arrived.




Our home is in trouble.

With an increase in extreme weather events globally, rising sea levels and shrinking fresh water sources, our entire future depends on what we do next.  The next 50 years are a crucial time in history. As a coastal city Liverpool is at risk of flooding, with our sewer system unable to cope. Liverpool’s vibrant food and drink scene could suffer as our favourite foods struggle to grow in a warming world. Hotter weather means increased health problems in the city through heatstroke, asthma and allergies. We are playing poker with the universe and we are running out of chips.

Come down to the Climate Casino to try your hand at beating the dealer. Can you win or – more importantly – what are you willing to lose?



Everton, Tranmere and Liverpool,

You’ve got me screamin’ and a roarin’

When we see you scorin’

Everton, Tranmere and Liverpool…

With pop up performances at Central Station and James Street Station

Football is a thread that spans cultures, religion, gender, race, age. There is a huge cross-sectional love for the game and the unique fan culture that sits alongside it, passed down from generation to generation. Football has a particularly strong presence on Merseyside, with three clubs – Liverpool Everton and Tranmere Rovers – in just a six-mile radius. These clubs provide fans with a focal point for their hopes and dreams, a sense of identity, community and strong connection to home.

Foto Octo and Merseyrail present an exciting new series of performances bringing together fans of Everton, Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers; taking their songs away from the terraces and representing them anew in the tunnels of Moorfields station and around the Loop Line. Home Game celebrates the inventiveness, creativity and brilliance of the fans. Join in and sing along!

In its purest form football represents honesty, integrity and solidarity. It is synonymous with the people of Liverpool.

Note: Level access via Moorfields off Dale Street.

Live ceilidh band Gallimaufry are back for their seventh LightNight. A family friendly, foot-tapping, lively end to your festival experience.

Fourth Floor

Liverpool’s Not Just Arts Collective host an evening featuring a pop-up gallery, procession, storytelling, music, poetry and Morris dancing, exploring how in uncertain times we look to find new meanings in old symbols.

An artwork will be created during the evening which will be ritually destroyed by the public at 22:00. Artists include Robert Harris, Eleanor Rees, Andy Johnson, Matthew Edwards, Jennifer Lee Tsai, Mal, Dino, Claire Rice, Sue Povall, Antoinette, Beatnik X and Heartsong Willow.


Discover how eyebrows relate to identity, and how eyes have been used in imagery from the ancient world to the modern day.

Eyebrows are a constant in the press and online, with many different opinions about whose work and whose don’t. It’s time want to get away from eyebrow shaming and give you an opportunity to get your eyebrow scanned, talk about what your brow means to you, and shake off the negativity around the brow.

Talk about the choices you make when you pluck, sculpt, and position your eyebrows and challenge the current negative press around the (Scouse)brow.




Join the Garstang Museum to explore identity and ritual in the ancient and modern world.

Enjoy the collection of archaeological material from ancient Egypt, Turkey, Greece and elsewhere, learn about ancient Egyptian rituals from expert Egyptologist Dr Roland Enmarch and participate in an authentic ancient Egyptian offering ritual to provide eternal sustenance for the Garstang Mummy.

You can also discover more about your own identity with Brows And Brews; learn how our eyebrows relate to our identity, and how eyes have been used to communicate in the ancient world and in our world today.

This exhibition focuses on the physical and ritual worlds of early Egyptians. The tour will focus on key objects linked to early Egyptian rituals such as the ‘egg pot’, only found in ritual contexts. No booking required.

Immerse yourself in the mysterious ritual culture of Stone Age people. Lanterns will light the way into an atmospheric ‘cave’ dwelling where you will be invited to join the tribe and be led through an initiation ritual by a shaman.

Make your own cave art on the recreated cave wall using the oldest known natural pigment in the world, ochre.

Take part in a dance performance led by costumed interpreters and hear music played on instruments made from animal bones constructed using traditional methods. Demonstrations will also take place showing how bones were turned into musical instruments and other useful tools.

Performance times 17:30. 18:30 & 19:30.

To book:




20:30 (adults only)

Whilst this event is open to children, it is not specifically aimed at children and all those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket.

Building, exhibitions and café open 17:00 – 21:00

Liverpool University’s Arts-Lab and Liverpool School of Art and Design’s MA Art in Science programme presents the superheroes ‘Shark Girl’ and ‘Komodo Dragon’ versus the evil ‘Superbugs’ in the Antimicrobial Avengers!

Arts-Lab is a collection of researchers who are interested in sharing scientific knowledge through art, and The Art in Science programme provides exciting opportunities for artists and scientists to collaborate and explore the boundaries of art and science. As a collaborative team, they invite you to explore antimicrobial resistance through comics and superheroes.

Did you know that a shark’s skin can prevent bacteria from sticking to it? Or that the blood of a Komodo dragon is a natural antimicrobial compound? The joint artist in residence has been working with researchers and school students across Liverpool to create comics focused on current antimicrobial research and the fight against bacterial and viral superbugs.

You’ll meet the Antimicrobial Avengers, and there will be hands-on activities to allow you to help the team draw and create the endings to three comics featuring Shark Girl and Komodo Dragon. You can also touch and feel sculptures of animals such as geckos that have antimicrobial skins just like sharks!

Participate in learning the ancient art of Gregorian Chant as sung daily by monks all over the world.

After a brief introduction to reading chant you will learn two chants, the Kyrie & Sanctus from the ancient Missa de Angelis. The sanctus will be included as part of a new commission by David Terry in which the workshop participants will perform alongside the excellent chamber choir Liverpool24.

Children are invited to dress up as their superhero or favourite character. Activities include a children’s rave, face painting, craft activities and dressing up.

Join in a fun, informal and creative and friendly workshop!

Theatrical production artist Carly Fisher and team guide you through the stages of designing and creating your own mask. Best of all, you can keep the mask you make! Carly’s handmade mythical masks will also be featured in the Wicker Woman ceremonies happening over the course of the evening.

Liverpool Walton Band of The Salvation Army invites you to this uplifting mass singalong to the likes of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, ‘Amazing Grace’, and cracking floor fillers like ‘Sweet Caroline’. Everyone welcome; come and help raise the roof!

Many rituals revolve around music and this performance will touch on as many areas as possible, and attempt to recreate the atmosphere that communal singing brings whether it is in a football ground, or maybe a singalong movie. Audience participation is encouraged, so everyone can join in and enjoy!

Learn about the rituals astronauts follow when preparing themselves for space travel in a hands-on interactive station.

A special evening opening of the children’s gallery. Stories and hands-on activities inspired by mythology in the Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibition.

Visitors of all ages are invited to explore the theme of ritual inspired by the creative processes of art-making and adornment, taking inspiration from the Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibition and its motifs and patterns. Get into the spirit with Marvellous Mackintosh facepainting and the Ritual & Myth pop up photo booth, and enjoy refreshments in the café till late!

Throughout the evening there will be a series of events and performances which convey interpretations of ritual, death and adornment. This includes the immortalisation of the subjects of artwork such as The Death of Nelson.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Making the Glasgow Style is ticketed via liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/mackintosh From £9 (concs available) free for members.

Big Art For Little Artists (Family Friendly) Ground Floor 17:00 — 20:00

A special evening opening of the children’s gallery. Stories and hands-on activities inspired by mythology in the Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibition.

Music, Movement, Ritual and Adornment (Family Friendly) 17:00 — 22:00

Performances by LIPA students at intervals throughout the evening, featuring garments by students from LJMU School of Art & Design.

Our Rituals, Your Rituals: Youth Circus, Workshops, Films and Exhibitions

Roll up, roll up! Drop in for circus workshops  – all ages and abilities are welcome! The Black-E Youth Circus will perform at 6pm and 7.30pm. You’re invited to enjoy the shows, try your hand at circus skills such as unicycle, diabolo, spinning plates and aerial hoop and to share your smallest or biggest life rituals!

5pm – 10pm

In the Black-E Gallery you can watch special short film screenings All In The Games and And On The Eighth Day (15 minutes, looping throughout the night), visit our new exhibition This is the News! and permanent exhibitions:

Voices from the Song of Songs: Judy Chicago

A series of 12 paired prints by Judy Chicago, on display in Liverpool, with a contextual exhibition of her life’s work in the arts to date. The series is based upon  Marcia Falk’s translation of Biblical love songs and explores  mutuality of desire and a shared enjoyment of sexual pleasure.

The Games of Art

The Games of Art exhibition presents a selection of imaginative artworks created over the last 40 years of ‘Artful Games’; and texts explaining the nature and philosophy behind the art of ‘creative and cooperative’ games : ‘Absolute freedom within very definite limits’. This follows a principle that Paul Taylor, American Choreographer once explained as : ‘give yourself a set of simple limitations and do the best you can’.

Young, Gifted and On Track

Celebrating forty years of the Black-E, the exhibition researches the lives of dozens of Black-E ‘alumni/ae’ (former youthful participants, volunteers and apprentices), to create an extended exhibition of the youth of the past to inspire the youth of the present. The project aims to identify the impact that The Black-E has had on alumnae, paying particular attention to their potential as role models for young people currently in our community.

There is a misconception that singing is a gift you either have or don’t have. This is sometimes true, but there is also a process that enables most people to increase their physical awareness when singing and through practice, their ability to improve.

For Jennifer John, singing is a spiritual experience as well as a vehicle to entertain. It’s a process of connection to self and others that can create a joyfully intense, yet liberating experience that leaves a feeling of increased happiness and energy that is visceral and emotional. It resonates throughout bodies and heightens our feel good experience.

This 30 minute workshop will provide you with the basic tools to be able to experience some of this physical / vocal preparation in a safe and fun environment. You will learn some simple exercises together and create a unique vocal ‘jam’ that will leave you feeling exhilarated and more focused.

Booking essential; book your free place via email to jennifer@jenniferjohn.co.uk

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring water.

Workshops last 30 min. All participants must be 11+ and accompanied by an adult if under 16.

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and Liverpool Arabic Centre invite visitors to drop into a traditional Arabic ‘Living Room’.

Food and hospitality forms a significant part of Arabic culture; the ritual of communal eating is vital to traditional and religious ceremonies and events across the Middle East. Arab recipes, food and culinary traditions help to preserve cultures, while often connecting Arabs living abroad to home. These simple daily rituals are a pillar of everyday life. For some cultures, these actions are a form of resistance in the face of war and displacement.

Creating an atmosphere of traditional Arab hospitality, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival will share traditional Arab music, dress, storytelling and Yemeni biscuits and tea with visitors until 20:30. This informal and welcoming atmosphere will celebrate the differences, but most importantly the commonalities, between domestic life in Western and Middle Eastern cultures through the most basic of human rituals.

You’ll also be able to find out more about Liverpool Arab Arts Festival’s exciting 2019 festival programme!

Do you check your phone first thing in the morning? What is the first app you open when you wake up? Technology has embedded its way into our lives and daily rituals as we become surrounded by constant noise, images, comments and followers.

Drop into the Learning Space at FACT and map out your own digital rituals. Can we come together to create a map of the internet? We’ll be looking at female and non-binary territories, from historical temples built to worship goddesses, to modern rituals of ‘liking’ and ‘following’.

Join ROOT-ed for a zine-making workshop and re-write your own story! We’ll be exploring archetypes and narratives, from fairy tales to everyday life. ROOT-ed (Revolution of our time) is a self-published zine that aims to promote, support and inspire creative people of colour within the North West of England.


Draw your own character and add it to a collaborative mural which will grow throughout LightNight! Take inspiration from FACT’s new Learning Space mural by artist Laura Callaghan and create your own visual story. The new mural, which is Callaghan’s largest work to date, takes centre stage within FACT and is filled fearless characters of all ages, ethnicities, genders and body types. Come and make your mark on a new mural inside The Box at FACT and watch it come to life in Ropewalks Square as we live stream the progress for all to see on Bold Street.

Tea is an intrinsic part of the tradition of many countries the world over; not only a rich part of heritage and national identity, but a valuable part of our day-to-day lives. Join The Garden by LEAF in exploring all things tea!

The reasons we love loose leaves are vast – increased health benefits, their high quality, intense flavours, distinct characteristics, and the freedom to mix and blend to our hearts’ content. There’ll be lots to get involved with, exploring tea rituals, experimenting with your own tea blends, and even creating artwork with the wonderful stuff.

Playing a key part in moments of comfort, community, celebration and catharsis, the process of making and enjoying tea is as much ritual as it is routine. Take part in discussions and workshops around tea rituals, tea blending and the perfect cuppa, and take the opportunity to get artistic with both the leaves and brew of some of our more vibrant teas.

Eat, drink, socialise, relax, watch, listen and discover in the church gardens. With a wide selection of fabulous food and drink vendors including Perfect Samosa, Cake Up North, The Bhaji Box, Sutikku, Derby House, Fritto, Picnic, Prosecco & Champagne Bar plus real ale, local beers and more!

Back by popular demand, there’ll be a range of live music through the night:

16:00 — 19:00 Open Mic

19:00 SOSO Choir

20:00 Liverpool Show Choir

21:00 Isabelle Tarran

An evening of art, music and creative rituals.

18:00 – 21:00

Family activities are the perfect place for little artists and their grown-ups to get creative. The range of visual art-inspired activities explore Bluecoat’s Five Creative Ways, which include Using Your Imagination; Investigating; Teamwork; Keep Trying and Never Give Up, and Grow as an Artist.

Remember to get a selfie with one of the giant arty props to remember the night by!

Demolition Memorial Keepsake (LightNight Commission) 17:00 – 22:00

A stunning and evocative multi-screen video installation and series of sculpture pieces which explore memory through ritual. Created by Liverpool artist anti cool, the work is the outcome of a series of workshops held with people from around Liverpool. In these workshops anti cool explored the idea of special objects of memory which may evoke sadness or negative feelings in their owners, the funeral and ceremony practices of various cultures and countries and ultimately the ritual cremation of some of these objects.

Take a break from the LightNight trail in the relaxed atmosphere of Bluecoat’s secret garden, and enjoy live music performances and DJ sets. Refuel at the outdoor bar and barbecue, and grab some great food for all the family prepared fresh by the Bluecoat kitchen.

Explore the ritualistic history of coffee’s origins and how our interaction with coffee has changed over time. Watch coffee being roasted, learn about the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and enjoy your favourite drink.

The cafe will be open all night serving coffees, other hot drinks and alcohol if you so wish!

ClubTogether is an exhibition and digital installation by design studio Dorothy – the culmination of a seven-week partnership with SEVENSTORE which invites you to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and rituals of electronic music & club culture and contribute memories to an interactive map.

The soundtrack to the evening is provided by DJs including Graeme Park, with additional visual imagery courtesy of Mark McNulty.

Clubbing is one of the greatest cultural phenomenons of our generation. 1988’s Summer of Love provided the inspiration and foundation for a cultural revolution, catapulting dance music and rave culture into the mainstream. Despite our choice of where to go clubbing changing (from free parties in fields and illegal warehouse raves to legendary nights at the Haçienda and sweaty dance-floors of super-clubs like Cream) the rules and rituals of clubbing remain the same.

Dorothy’s installation is a chance for fans of contemporary electronic music and ravers old and new to share their rituals of clubbing and create a community of shared experiences. Host for the evening and partner of the project is SEVENSTORE, a new concept fashion store opening in the Baltic Triangle in April 2019.

The exhibition is co-curated by Dorothy and Ian Mitchell, Lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration at LJMU.

Arena Studios and Gallery is a studio space for creatives ranging from fine artists to illustrators and fashion designers. Led by a team of artists who volunteer their time, the studio has an ethos that promotes artistic excellence with a socially driven perspective.

You’re invited to join them for ‘Follow My Doodle’, a drop-in activity suitable for all the family! You’ll doodle your way through a ritual, using fun drawing materials and methods, to create your own unique artwork that will become part of a colourful installation in the Arena gallery. Their studios will also be open for you to look around. Have a mosey round a creative working space and chat to Arena members about their work.

To gain entry to Arena press the intercom buzzer outside the Baltic Social door and meet the team at the lift inside. Arena is on the first floor and they’ll take you up in the lift.

Get involved in free creative workshops in the Clore Learning Studio. Taking inspiration from Ugo Rondinone’s colourful outdoor sculpture Liverpool Mountain, play with different materials to create your own balancing structures!

Led by Debbie Goldsmith and suitable for all ages.

Create your own pom pom in the Tate café to take away! You can wear it, hang it on a bag or simply play with it. Pom poms are fun, easy to make and suitable for all ages.

The Old Dock experience has a new tour guide just for LightNight. Look out for him he’s “dead old”!

Take a tour of the world’s first commercial enclosed wet dock with expert guides. Discover this revolutionary dock and see the bed of the Pool, the creek that gave Liverpool its name.

Tickets are limited and must be booked in advance here

Full details of all the events across National Museum Liverpool venues can be found at liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/lightnight

Explore the ground and 1st floor galleries of Merseyside Maritime Museum and enjoy a bite at the Quayside Café until 22:00.


Creepy Crafts (family friendly) 17:00 — 20:00

Creepy crafts for children with stories of local folklore legend Spring-Heeled Jack and Fearsome Facepainting.


Darkness on LightNight (family friendly) 17:00 — 22:00

A night of suspense, intrigue and local historical folklore.


Spooky Stories (family friendly) 17:15, 18:00 & 18:45

Hear stories of smugglers with Mother Redcap.


Old Dock Experience (family friendly) 17:30 & 19:00

Take a tour of the world’s first commercial enclosed wet dock with expert guides.

Discover this revolutionary dock and see the bed of the Pool, the creek that gave Liverpool its name. Please note the tours are now sold out. 


Terrible Tours 18:00, 19:00 & 20:00

Featuring tales of murders, mysteries and stories of suspense! Discover what links Sherlock Holmes, Spring-Heeled Jack and Dr Crippen have to Liverpool…

Tickets are limited and must be booked in advance via liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/lightnight


Ghostly Goings-On 18:30, 19:30 & 20:30

Join the Ghostly Goings-On tour guide on a journey through real-life spooky tales and creepy coincidences in the Titanic and Liverpool: The Untold Story exhibition.

Up for Arts is 10 and to celebrate they’re dancing in the street!

BeatLife will be belting out the drum beats along with Samba Livre Liverpool Brazilian samba dancers – so if you love to dance, come and join this joyous dancing procession!

If you like to salsa, cha cha, tango, or simply just shake your booty then come and share your dance moves, as you shake, rattle and roll along to the dance rhythm. And why not create your own new dance moves to get us in the carnival spirit?

Up for Arts, along with BBC Radio Merseyside has supported hundreds of amateur art and craft, dance and singing groups, over the years, and what better way to celebrate than with a big processional dance. So whether you’re a professional dancer or enjoy dancing as a recreational activity or even if you’ve got two left feet, then come and join in and strut our stuff along the streets of Liverpool ONE.

Route: Sugar House Steps, Paradise St, School Lane, Peter’s Lane, Manesty’s Lane, crossing Paradise St, Sugar House Steps.

Fancy an ice cream? Brazilian artist Jorge Menna Barreto invites you to become part of a delicious experiment about our relationship with food and the environment.

Using wild edibles growing in and around Liverpool, Jorge has developed a special plant-based ice cream based on ideas of eating locally and ethically. Human civilisation has replaced foraging for a global supermarket culture, losing its sense of place and belonging. This project presents an alternative, an invitation to ‘devour our immediate surroundings’. By creating an ice cream using plants and herbs that grow around us, the artist asks us to suspend the act of consuming and use our bodies to foster deeper connections to the ecosystems we belong to.

Jorge Menna Barreto is an artist who lets specific sites determine what he will build and, more recently, what he will eat. By conceptualising our digestive system as a sculptural tool, he invites participants to become part of on-going environmental sculptures while they eat. First-come, first-served! If you miss your chance, head to Maray on Bold Street where the ice cream will be on the menu for the rest of the night.

Presented by Liverpool Biennial in partnership with Maray.

From the makers of Illumaphonium, Halo is a new participatory sonic and visual kinetic environment made up of digitally interlinked columns of ever-evolving patterns of light and sound. The visual configurations created by your touch are displayed directly upon the Halos, generated using cutting-edge physics simulations.

Supported by Exchange Flags.


LightNight Commission

Milapfest and Movema join forces for a joyous celebration of the ritual of Indian marriage, the Baarat. The exuberant outdoor wedding ritual culminates in a Milni, the meeting of two families. In a unique street dance take on this exuberant rite Movema, Bombay Baja Brass Band and local dancers meet and combine what they do best. Join this unique coming together for an exciting fusion of East and West!

An assembly for the city’s multi-faith communities, this event is a raucous, intensely-hued dance party along Church Alley and Church Street, accompanied by Bhangra, jazz and classical music from the Bombay Baja Brass Band – whose musicians are armed with trumpets, trombones, saxophones and dhol drums.

Performances last 20 min.

Funded by Liverpool BID Company.

Please note the 19:30 performance is Bombay Baja Brass Band only.

Get Involved

There are two ways you can be a part of this special LightNight 2019 commission:

 – Attend a free workshop 14:00 – 15:30 on Sunday 5 May. Sign up here.

– Join Movema’s weekly World Fusion Classes every Wednesday at 18:00 to learn the whole show over eight weeks. Open to all, drop in on different dates can be accommodated. Affordable costs apply. Sign up here.

Death rituals are ubiquitous, as we all live and die.

In Western culture, funerals are occasions where we focus on a person’s death: but are they as personal as they could be? What about a ritual where we can come together and talk about death, dying, and the rest? A Death Café is a place where people from all walks of life can gather, share and discuss their perspectives in a friendly and informal setting, breaking down taboos and addressing fears about death.

There will be cake!

LightNight Commission

Screenings every half hour, on the hour and 30mins past. Film lasts 18min.

Artist collective Projectile Vomit draw on the traditions of the old Gaelic festival of Beltane, one of four seasonal festivals which traditionally took place between the spring equinox and the summer solstice to create a ‘made up pagan ritual for the modern day’.

Every year, disco fans from around the world gather in Liverpool to mark the anniversary of the death of Queen of Disco Donna Summer, and to entreat her to give us a good summer through a centuries-old ritual involving celebration, feasting, dancing and sacrifice. This year, LightNight coincides with this anniversary (the time when Donna’s spirit will be most receptive to the corporeal world).

In accordance with her hit song ‘Summer Fever’, Projectile Vomit erect an audio-visual shrine that will provide focus for our collective disco energies and attempt to induce a Donna Summer Fever to appease the Queen and ensure good weather in the months ahead.

Please note: This installation includes the use of strobe lights, please check notices at the venue.

It’s five years since the transformed Central Library was unveiled. Join in the celebration with a mix of literary and musical activities, plus an exploration of Brazilian carnival through workshops and outdoor performances.

Discover (Ground Floor)

17:00 — 17:30 In Harmony

This young orchestra play selected pieces exploring the theme of transformation.

18:00 — 18:45 Bangor Ladies Choir

Under the expert guidance and direction of Christine Crutchley who took on the role of Musical Director in September 2017, the choir is performing pieces with accompanying images on the transformation of women by the Suffragette movement, which celebrates its centenary in 2018.

18:00, 19:15 & 19:45 The Rubbish Shakespeare Company

Enemies. Lovers. Warring families. Sausage rolls? See how Shakespeare transforms the dynamic between two lovers over the course of one scene as The Rubbish Shakespeare Company present 15min pop-up scenes from Romeo & Juliet in their unique, critically acclaimed style.

20:30 — 22:00 Transformations

Poetry has the power to transform the spoken word into often spiritual artistic expressions that connect us to shared human experiences and emotions. A variety of poetry readings and performances.

Atrium (Ground Floor)

20:00 Liverpool Community Choir

Performing under the guidance of their talented music director Ian Davidson this uplifting choir has members of all ages from right across Merseyside.

21:00 — 22:00 Dave and Danielle Flynn

Making Changes live performance of guitar and voice.

Hornby Library (First Floor)

17:00 – 18:00 Transformations by North End Writers

New work inspired by animals, nursery rhymes, translation and images presented and read by members of the North End Writers community group.

18:00 — 18:45 & 19:15 – 20:00 Southport Strings

Fresh from their transformative visit to the Kaustinen Folk Festival, Finland last summer Southport Strings perform a selection of traditional tunes mixed with their own more familiar Celtic repertoire.

Picton Reading Room (First Floor)

21:00 — 22:00 Nick Ellis

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Nick Ellis performs a style of streetscape narrative-noir blended with a classic British acoustic approach. Looking at ideas around the transformation of places, Nick is performing pieces from his work Adult Fiction; a novel set to music. Each song is a chapter based on an old folklore passed onto him by his 105 year old Aunt, Molly Amero, in the last days of her life.

Second Floor

18:00 — 19:30 Liverpool Code Club

A fun workshop for children to learn micro:bit programming, electronics and robotics adding light and sound effects to laser cut horses! Finished creations will stay at the library to be part of Batala’s performance later, and you will be invited to being them out and parade them at Liverpool Makefest in June. Suitable for ages 8-12 years.

20:00 — 21:30 Scottie Road Writers

Expect the unexpected? Expert Storytelling from Scottie Road Writers

Fourth Floor

18:15 — 19:15 The Land of the Scowl

Land of the Scowl is based on newly discovered papers and paintings that were discovered by the archivists working in the vaults of Liverpool Central Library. A truly epic story of cowardice and courage, the good and the bad, triumph and transformation. It shows the origins of many things we take for granted in Liverpool today. 7+

19:30 — 22:45 Mouth of the Mersey: Transformation

Liverpool’s original adult storytelling group reforms! The Mouth of the Mersey combines traditional and modern storytelling, true stories, nearly true stories and down right lies. Ancient and modern stories and tales of the yet to be. Scary stories, funny stories, heart-breaking stories, stories to lift the spirits and always entertaining stories. With musical guests Harp and a Monkey.

Please see Feel it Hear It See It which also takes place at Central Library

Take a tour of Liverpool’s historic Old Dock – the world’s first commercial enclosed wet dock – with our expert guides. Discover how this revolutionary dock was key to Liverpool’s development and see the bed of the Pool, the creek that gave Liverpool its name, under the streets of Liverpool One!

Tickets are limited and must be booked in advance via 0151 478 4499.

Take part in an exciting new collaboration between Tate Liverpool, ARUP, Open Eye Gallery and RIBA which will see schools, families, artists and you come together to create a 15-metre paper bridge.

Write down an aspiration for the future – a transformation you wish to see in the world or in yourself – before adding your paper to the finished structure.

Come and join in the fun with Tate Liverpool’s Collective’s who will lead a hands-on workshop making shakers that you can wear and move with, inspired by new exhibition Utupya! You’ll then be encouraged to wear and shake them around the gallery! The top floor gallery has been transformed by Brazilian collective OPAVIVARÁ! into an immersive environment featuring playful and interactive installations.

Visitors are invited to become an active part of the artwork by sharing ideas, cultures and experiences within the communal spaces.  Enjoy chatting with friends in a giant colourful hammock, made by stitching together several individual hammocks, or relax over a cup of herbal tea at the free tea station – it’s the perfect place to enjoy views of the waterfront whilst also becoming part of a piece of socially engaged art.

The Brazilian theme will run throughout the evening; enjoy music inspired by the Rio Carnival, a delicious menu of Brazilian delicacies and cocktails in the café and the opportunity to be transported straight to Brazil by the impressive Dream Screen experience!

Join ROOT-ed and Tate Collective Producers in this drop-in debate discussing how can we transform the art world to become more inclusive.

With speakers presenting their experiences on the subject and an opportunity for guests to pose questions and join in the debate.

The Nineteen Hundred and Eleven Party is an interactive installation which celebrates Liverpool’s enduring desire for social justice and transformation. Participants will be asked to contribute their own unique campaign poster to a growing exhibition of the demands for change participants want to see in their society.

The Nineteen Hundred and Eleven Party was first formed in 2011 as part of Bluecoat Gallery’s Democratic Promenade exhibition. The installation has been resurrected for LightNight 2018 to explore if and how a society’s demands for transformation evolves over a period of years and how this relates back to social and political environment. Join the party at www.1911party.org

Join as creatives for LightNight 2018 (Friday 19th May – 5pm – 11pm) for a fun (and free) family-friendly workshop at the Baltic Creative Campus on Jamaica Street!

Flights of Fancy will see participants of all ages transforming everyday objects into beautiful birds, fabulous fish and luscious ladybirds – helping transform an empty space into a menagerie of creatures from the air, the sea and the land!

as creatives are passionate believers in the power of the arts to broaden horizons, raise aspirations and transform lives. They specialise in developing creative programmes and workshops that make learning extraordinary. Over the last five years alone they have worked with over half a million children and young people both nationally and internationally.

You can call as creatives directly on 0151 708 8886. as-creatives.com


Batala Mersey drumming band collaborate with Brouhaha International to present a series of three hands-on workshops, each followed by carnival performances and processions to allow audiences the opportunity to understand and experience Brazilian carnival culture.


Feel It

Traditional Carnival Mask Workshop

16:00 — 18:00

‘Make and take’ workshop from Brouhaha on the ground floor. Reflect upon self-transformation in the spirit of carnival and masquerade, and then join in with the parade wearing your brand-new mask.

Batala Carnival Parade

18:30 — 19:00 

Starting at Steble Fountain, Batala Mersey play a traditional Bahian repertoire from north east Brazil and will parade around St George’s Plateau, with the audience following in traditional carnival style.


Hear It

Mask Workshop

19:00 — 20:00 

‘Make and take’ workshop from Brouhaha on the ground floor. Create your own mask inspired by the origins of carnival culture.

Batala Mersey on the Picton Steps

20:15 — 20:45

A high energy percussive performance, the sound of which will make you want to move.


See It

Animal Forms Mask Workshop

21:00 — 22:00

‘Make and take’ workshop from Brouhaha on the ground floor.

Illuminated Rhythms

22:30 — 23:00

Decoding the percussive texture of the Batala rhythms through the use of light. See the beat of each drum in colour to visually interpret the music, creating a multi-sensory experience. Digitally animated horses will add to the texture of the visual display.

Now in its second year, Northern Lights is delighted to be welcoming the public into their nooks and crannies! The whole of Mann Street will be opening its doors to artists studios, new event spaces, rehearsal- and recording studios and other creative work spaces.

The Royal Standard Gallery will be open with a moving/transforming sculpture exhibition: And Yet It Moves. Some of the studio members will open their studios for the night and show works and present projects.  http://the-royal-standard.com/ 

HUB Studios & Gallery will be open with resident artists showing work and selling prints. http://hubstudios2.co.uk/

Tusk will be playing host to performances on the night and offer a great space to take a break, have a drink and something to eat.  http://www.tuskbaltic.co.uk/

A team of Baltic Clay artists help you to choose one of our unloved ceramic objects and transform it into something extraordinary!

Use a variety of techniques including specially created stencils, spray paints, glitter and more. You can then take your finished piece home. Suitable for all ages and no need to book.

A journey to the junction where sound meets light, and the old world meets the new.

For one night only Red Brick Vintage is transformed into a playground of luminous delight, with live music acts playing host to a visual of bounty of projections and artefacts from bygone ages.

Beers and gin are available from a popup bar on-site.

Head to the Walker Art Gallery for a special evening opening of children’s gallery Big Art for Little Artists. Enjoy exploring, dress up, listen to stories and join in with crafts.

You also have the chance to be inspired by issues raised in the Slaves of Fashion: New Works by the Singh Twins exhibition and ‘Votes for Women’ and create your own badge for change.

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts transform the gallery with musical performances throughout the evening, and students from Liverpool John Moores University present ‘Fashion Geographies’, an immersive staged fashion event which is a synergy between fashion design, fashion communication and art installation. The digital imagery of heritage ‘stories’ will be projected onto plain outerwear garments (designed and constructed by 2nd year LJMU fashion design students) as part of a dynamic installation.

This LightNight, Bluecoat will be embracing the 2018 theme of Transformation, by turning their spaces into a truly immersive, engaging and interactive realm.

Family activities will take place from 18:00—21:00 and include masking making and folktale storytelling, which will transport little ones and their adults to a magical and enchanting world.

Between 18:00—18:30 & 19:00—19:30 POP-UP Duets perform a series of contemporary dance duets that will transform Bluecoat’s building and exterior spaces into performance for ‘accidental’ audiences.

19:40—20:00 See street theatre from the Dung Beetles’ Cosmic Journey in the courtyard. The gallery will be open until late, with visitors being able to view spring exhibition from Emma Smith. Euphonia transforms Bluecoat’s gallery into a sonic chamber, enabling the viewer to turn into a participant who is invited to contribute by adding their own voice to the exhibition.

Relax in the garden to the sound of the Halcyon Syncopators (19:45), take part in hands-on screen print activities in the Print Studio and meet the artists who work behind the scenes at Bluecoat (18:00—19:30).  The garden bar is also open for the evening, serving up local craft beers, glasses of fizz and soft drinks. Grab some great food for all the family from the BBQ, freshly prepared by the Bluecoat kitchen.

Are ya dancin’? Coz we’re askin’!

Pick up some Swing Dance moves and you’ll be Lindy Hopping and doing the Charleston in no time, no partner required! Then from 21:15 til 22:00 dance the night away to the biggest sounds from the hottest swing bands of the jazz era; from Chick Webb, to Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald to Louis Armstrong, you’re sure to fall in love with the swingin’ rhythms and scorching melodies this LightNight!

Accompanied by a live band.

Recreating the energy of ballrooms from bygone eras, Mersey Swing recommend participants wear shoes with smooth soles, but anything will do! You don’t have to bring a partner as participants rotate throughout the class, making new friends along the way. Under 16s wishing to participate will need to do so with an adult and won’t be part of the rotation.

Live ceilidh band Gallimaufry are back, teaching fun dance moves that have transformed over the years into the routines we use today! Count your steps and move your feet to the beat, soaking up the splendour of the space while dancing the night away, no experience necessary.

Doors and bar from 20:00, Ceilidh 21:00-23:00.

Entry via North Hall. Entry: Adults £3 / children free.

All income goes towards funding LightNight and maintaining St George’s Hall.

All the family are invited to discover amazing collections, from Egyptian mummies to casts of dinosaur bones. Discover treasures from around the world, explore outer space and meet live creatures!

Note: Visitors to China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors are advised to pre-book tickets costing £14.50-£5.50. Free for children aged 5 years and under. Last entry at 21:00.

Explore the ‘transformation’ of faces and gain a better understanding of anatomy and the fusion of art and science.

Join Face Lab and Surgical-Art UK for a series of interactive activities exploring the human face from two differing facial reconstruction viewpoints – Face Lab specialises in craniofacial depiction of people from the past while Surgical-Art runs plastic surgery courses for trainee surgeons.

Learn the basic principles of how to draw faces. Explore how plastic surgeons alter and reconstruct faces by manipulating paper cut-outs. Sculpt facial features and reconstruct faces from plaster casts of human skulls.

Imagine how a space between daydream and dystopia can be inhabited: a world between natural landscape and constructed city scape, between gravity and lightness, between dark and bright, between big and small, where the inside and the outside merge. Architecture installation using light and sound in response to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

The installation is the winning submission from an LJMU Architecture student competition.

Just how fit are professional footballers? Take part in small-sided football games and see how your work rate and performance compares to Premier League players.

Discover how science and technology are used in professional football, using heart rate monitors and GPS vests to monitor performances in real time to evaluate player fitness.

Whether you’re playing or just watching from the sidelines, come along and find out how LJMU’s world-class sports scientists are transforming the beautiful game.

Games at 17:00, 17:40, 18:15, 19:10 & 20:30

Discuss the history of mummification in Ancient Egypt. Guided tours of the museum will highlight objects relating to mummification and tell the story of the Garstang mummy who was recently reunited with the museum in 2014.

Mummification began around 3500BCE using dry sand to naturally mummify bodies and continued for thousands of years becoming more and more elaborate, eventually resulting in the removal of internal organs including the brain.

The Greek historian Herodotus was especially fascinated by the different methods of mummification, some of which included the use of enemas. During your tour, you will discover why the Ancient Egyptians practiced mummification, the changing fashions in mummy wrapping, and why canopic jars have animal heads. Tours are suitable for all, except the squeamish!

Outside the Everyman

Watch the Everyman transform through a kaleidoscope of colours as the iconic exterior of the theatre lights up for Light Night.

17:00 – 23:00

Everyman Box Office

The Everyman has been a part of Liverpool’s cultural transformation since its early days as Hope Hall in 1837, to the Stirling Prize-winning venue that sits at the top of Hope Street today. Take a look back at the past and ahead to the future with a unique look into the theatre’s archives, provided by LJMU.

17:00 – 22:00 

Street Café

Join the Everyman and LJMU libraries for an exhibition looking at the history of black music in Liverpool. With archives from the 1840s to the present day, the evening will showcase the influence of black music in Liverpool on popular culture. Light Night visitors are encouraged to bring their own vinyl to play at their “Vinyl Café” and share their own memories.

17:00 – 23:00

Writer’s Room

A night of storytelling in the Everyman’s cosy Writer’s Room. The evening begins with stories for small children and finishing with a few tales grown-up tales.

17:00 – 22:00

EV 1

Improv troupe The Unscriptables are teaming up with the Everyman this year for Light Night and will transform in front of your very eyes, performing scenes, characters and songs based on your suggestions. Chuck the players some props and costumes (provided), spin the genre wheel and much more. Shows roll across the evening for half an hour with short breaks in between. Come along and transform yourself by watching and participating in the playful craft of improvisation.

19:30 – 22:15

EV 2

Family craft activities inspired by transformation.

17:00 – 20:45

The Bistro

Everyman regulars A Lovely Word invite Light Night audiences to join them for an open mic evening of poetry and spoken word in the Everyman Bistro. Everyone is welcome to bring along their own work to perform in the laidback space of the Everyman Bistro.

19:30 – Registration

20:00 – 23:00

Come along and make a badge, dress up for a Polaroid cover photo, design an outfit for a paper doll or just re-read some of your favourite comics and magazines.

Researchers who use LJMU’s Femorabilia collection of titles like Bunty, Judy, Jackie, Vogue and Harper’s will be on hand to talk about their research and chat about your own memories of reading comics and magazines.

Begin your LightNight journey with glorious music sung by the Metropolitan Cathedral Choir. Enjoy a moment of stillness, and experience the transformative qualities of Choral Evening Prayer, a tradition that stretches back over 500 years.

All backgrounds and faiths are most warmly welcome.

The year is 2132. In the far reaches of the galaxy, gigantic space creatures have been discovered. Creatures that vomit solid matter out of their mouths. Solid matter that is the perfect substance to drive beat up cars in a race to enter the creature’s mouth. We call it the Space Ribbon.

In the fastest growing sport in the galaxy, be the first to chase down a giant space beast as it spews a completely different psychedelic racetrack out of its mouth every time you play. Modify junked up classic cars and turn them into the fastest in space.

(Ages 10+)

CGA Simulation are a Liverpool based games developers and virtual simulation experts. They apply creative gaming knowledge and expertise in emerging technologies, to solve real world problems, combining many years of dynamic games design experience (gained at companies like Sony and Onteca) with academic research/ development and commercial insight. They create applications that are exciting, immersive and timely. They are currently working in partnership with Liverpool’s Universities, wireless tech companies like Blu Wireless, UK 5G (as part of the UK’s 5G strategy and roll out) and an array of government bodies, to create a body of work that is both diverse and impactive.

Backed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Sensor City is a joint venture between The University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University. It is one of only four University Enterprise Zones (UEZs) in the country and is putting sensor technology on the map in the UK and around the world.

Officially opened in November 2017, Sensor City is a global innovation hub which offers start-ups and existing companies the technical expertise, business support and international platform needed to collaborate, fund and promote sensor solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) to a global market.

Light Night will provide visitors with the opportunity to see first-hand how Sensor City is helping partners to capitalise on the growing sensor revolution and to hear directly from SMEs who have been able to develop concepts into prototypes with speed and accuracy.

There will be lots of equipment on show including 3D printers, infrared and high speed cameras, microscopes and Virtual Reality headsets. Sensor City will also be showcasing the latest technological innovations that its engineering team, University partners and SME community are developing.

Take part in sensor-based games, watch live theatrical performances, and enjoy a drink while admiring the illuminated Liverpool skyline from the top floor, panoramic roof terrace.

Liverpool Biennial: A Beautiful World

17:00 — 19:30

What does a ‘beautiful world’ look like? Join in creating a large-scale zine which explores the world around us and imagines future possibilities. Make your own drawing, picture or poem and add it to an ever-growing collage in response to Beautiful world, where are you? – the title of Liverpool Biennial’s 10th edition which unfolds across the city 14 Jul – 28 Oct. biennial.com

Vote 100: The Readers

17:00 — 20:00

A hundred women volunteers from across the city read the writing of 100 women through the ages; from campaigners to poets.

Make More Noise!

Suffragettes in Silent Film

17:00 — 22:00

A collection exploring the representation of pioneering women in the first decades of the 20th century.

Take One Woman

18:00 — 19:00 

A three handed performance piece on the life of Kitty Wilkinson, who was instrumental in the setting up of the first Liverpool wash house and baths.  It’s a hundred years since the first women in the UK won the vote, and nearer two hundred years since a woman called Kitty Wilkinson stepped into history.

The Liverpool cholera epidemic of 1832 could have been just another example of people let down by incompetent and indifferent authorities. Instead it was transformed by Kitty  into a story of unflinching courage and hope.

Hotel Transformania

19:00 — 20:00 

Liverpool Script Shop are turning the hall into the Hotel Transformania. The ‘rooms’ of the hotel are full of people who have undergone life changing experiences. One thing’s for sure – you won’t be the same going out as you were when you came in.

Utopia for Now

20:00 — 21:00 

Come along on a journey into what life could be like with free money for everyone. Utopia for Now explores how Universal Basic Income could transform the lives of characters from different backgrounds, who live here in the city. This is the first production from Tomorrow’s Theatre and is performed by a community group. with one thing in common – they all live in Liverpool.

The Spectrum Retreat is a challenging, first-person puzzle game set in the near future. You awake at The Penrose hotel, a peaceful yet unsettling refuge from the outside world. All is not as it seems, and your desire to unearth the truth is obstructed by an array of colour coded puzzles, mind-bending physics challenges and the growing fear of exposing your true intentions.

(All ages)

Having won the BAFTA YGD Award in 2016 for his puzzle game prototype when he was only 18 years old, Dan Smith has subsequently developed The Spectrum Retreat into an intriguing narrative-puzzler with a focus on intuitive first-person puzzle action.  

Ripstone publish indie games, and have our own indie development team in-house. We know that open, honest and equal relationships between development and publishing leads to better games. The team at Ripstone have vast experience in video games, having been involved in creating and publishing some of the most well-known, respected and commercially successful titles on the planet. We know what makes a game stand out from the crowd and how to ensure the development team can stay focused on what truly matters: making something amazing.

What does a ‘beautiful world’ look like? Join others in creating a large-scale zine which explores the world around us and imagines future possibilities.

Make your own drawing, picture or poem and add it to an ever-growing collage in response to ‘Beautiful world, where are you?’ – the title of Liverpool Biennial’s 10th edition which unfolds across the city 14 July – 28 October. biennial.com

An interactive series of intimate performances exploring notions of identity, gender, and space, and how these three concepts intersect and interact. Participants are invited to communicate with the performer as well as inscribing their own graffiti on the walls of the cubicle. These performances take place in the ground floor ladies’ toilet. Booking required via lightnighttalkingstalls.eventbrite.co.uk Ages 18+

Sensor City is hosting a range of events exploring the theme of ‘technological transformation’. Check them out from 17:00 – 23:00:

The B Collective

As the world’s first volunteer testers of the New Pulse prototype, audience members will receive an interactive consultation on this new (fictional) technology that is transforming lives on a global scale. Humans will no longer require a phone in their hand to connect to the world; the installation of the implant will do this more efficiently and effectively than any technology that already exists.

Let a lab coated team of ‘specialists’ take you through your journey discussing the New Pulse and its benefits. Need to get directions? New Pulse gets you there without ever looking at a map! Need to go to the doctors because of an injury? New Pulse decides what treatment you need without you ever stepping foot in a waiting room! Need to pay for something but don’t have your credit card? New Pulse pays for you!

This is The B Collective’s first project as a company, inspired by how rapidly technology is transforming our everyday lives and connecting us in new and unimaginable ways.


 Using four Internet of Things (IoT) cameras, participants can record their response to Light Night and document their evenings as they walk around the city. The cameras take photos every 30 seconds and will be connected to the internet allowing real time images to be seen. Fomocams will be passed between participants to record the transformation of Liverpool from day to night, in addition to image manipulation transforming the raw pictures into an ‘alternative city’. See what people are up to and track down the cameras on fomocam.co.uk

Formula Student

LJMU e-Racing Team design, build and race single-seat, open-wheeled race cars to compete in annual Formula Student competitions. Check them out as they exhibit their electric vehicles developed using advanced engineering software.

Exploring robots of the future with the University of Liverpool

Robotics and autonomous systems are at the centre of a technological revolution which has the ability to transform our economy, our society and our personal lives.  A series of live demonstrations give visitors the opportunity to find out about the exciting innovations and technologies which are being developed by scientists at the University of Liverpool.

Explore the Brain

Chanua Health designs and manages projects that support individual wellbeing, one of which is Neuro Champions. Neuro Champions is an educational programme which provides young people with the knowledge and skills they need in order to become effective young leaders in mental health. ‘Explore the Brain’ through a range of activities including physical products, brain games, banners and videos.

A dark evil has taken over the land of Drakenheim, the royal family has been slain and the young prince has fled far away to the safety of the wilderness. The terrors he had witnessed still haunt him to this day, many years on. Now he and his faithful companion survive living off the land, and through trials and tribulations, their bond grows. The prince’s journey continues…

(Ages 7+)

Digital Pine Studios is an independent game development company based in Liverpool, formed in 2017.

FACT Foyer

Welcome to HyperBrawl Tournament, the most intense sport brawler game you’ve ever played! Assemble your team of formidable warriors, arm them with game-changing weapons and compete to become the Galaxy’s greatest hero!

 HyperBrawl Tournament fuses ‘no-rules’, hyper speed handball with player-versus-player combat in arenas filled with dynamic obstacles. The game gathers the greatest warriors from across time and space to pit them against each other in a visceral sport. Select your hero, match with a unique weapon to create a formidable combatant, and become the Champion that defines the age!

(Ages 10+)

Established in Liverpool in 2005, Milky Tea is a Game Development and Animation Production Studio, crafting video games, animations and illustrations. The team is currently working on a number of new gaming intellectual properties, including their latest game HyperBrawl Tournament, currently in pre-Alpha and scheduled to be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch in early 2018.

You are invited to celebrate the transformation of the Oratory grounds into a wildflower garden at this drawing event with Jayne Seddon, artist in residence at LIPA Primary School, John Hyatt, director of Art Labs Research at LJMU, and the LIPA children and their families.

An installation by Tracey Gibbs responding to the notion that our contemporary world is a relentless and frenetic place; a world where we experience less and less physical contact with both our environment and those we share it with.

This work provides an opportunity to reflect on your busy LightNight and the pace of life around you, and share an experience with others in a room of calm. Set within a rarely-seen space.

Entrance via Hope Street.

Celebrating the loan of the ancient Egyptian Meroë Head of Augustus from the British Museum, witness the Battle of Actium in miniature.  This Battle played a decisive part in the Final War of the Roman Republic, the catalyst for Octavian’s transformation from ambitious politician into effectively the first Roman Emperor.

Featured in the BBC’s ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’, this head of the Emperor Augustus was originally part of a statue in Egypt. This statue was decapitated by an invading army from Meroë in modern-day Sudan.

As a final insult, the head was buried under the temple steps which ironically helped preserve it. We are delighted to welcome Liverpool War Games Association, who will be bringing along their miniature armies and ships to reenact this famous battle.

Listen as they talk tactics and manoeuvres, take part and ask questions.

Join ceramic artist, Louise Waller, in transforming an unfinished artwork. Participants will learn how to create clay flowers and leaves to transform a plain column into a three-dimensional living structure. The finished product will form part of one of the ‘New Perspectives’ exhibitions in the VG&M which sees award-winning ceramicist, Phoebe Cummings, re-imagine a former women’s common room.

Former artist-in-residence at the V&A and the inaugural Women’s Hour Craft Prize winner, Phoebe Cummings “encompasses performance art and studio ceramics” (Rosy Greenlees, Executive Director, Crafts Council). Her raw clay temporary sculptures celebrate the passing of time and gradually transform and disintegrate challenging our expectations of what art is.

WoWFest18 – Crossing Borders celebrates the transformative power of inclusivity. Witness a unique sculpture populated with work from individuals across Liverpool and hear performances from WowFest projects and communities. This ‘wall’ is built from the stories and experiences of our communities; for the society they wish to build for themselves and each other?

WoWFest is Liverpool’s longest running literary/writing festival. Beginning in 2000 as a weekend festival, it’s now a month-long programme of radical literature, debate, performance, activism and creative writing, running each May in venues across the city. Born from the Docker’s Strike of 95-98, WoWFest has always been a radical programme of writers, journalists, performers, activists, commentators, broadcasters, academics and communities. It brings together high-profile and international guests alongside local professional artists and communities in relevant, interesting and dynamic discussions.


Sensor City is hosting a range of events exploring the theme of ‘the art of technology’. Check them out from 17:00 – 23:00:


Sensors help us to inquire further than our natural senses allow. Sensor City’s Artist-in-Residence, Professor John Hyatt, experimented with how sand and liquids move under different frequencies to investigate waveforms, flow, resonance and beauty. When teaching in Oman for the British Council, one of John’s students gave him a bottle of sand from her local beach. Working with Sensor City engineers, John used a powerful, sensor-equipped, microscope camera to concentrate on just one tiny grain of this sand. John called this piece of sand, Mothergrain.  Its impressed, regular, hexagonal flower patterns were captured and edited into a series of 3 videos. John also made the score for this video piece by digitally translating an image of vibrating water into a musical composition for a string quartet.

Drones & DigiArt

The Sensors and UAV research group from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Liverpool John Moores University exhibit the outputs from the EU funded project DigiArt (665066). This project is in its final year, tasked with creating 3D models of cultural heritage artefacts and sites using drones and sensors and providing viewers with access to a range of cultural sites across Europe. For more information please visit website http://digiart-project.eu/.

Skull models

Laura Ortega Lacasa is a 3D Artist and Concept Designer. Having received two master’s degrees in Spain, Laura moved to England to advance her freelance career. Her recent 3D anatomy design project resulted in significant interest across the world and is now being showcased in Germany. Laura will be exhibiting this physical skull model and will also be transforming it into a virtual reality model for Sensor City visitors to experience.

LCR 4.0 is a UK manufacturing first, that aims to put the Liverpool City Region at the heart of an evolution, which is set to transform production in the modern world economy. Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), LCR 4.0 creates a collaborative community that connects SMEs to expertise and support from key knowledge assets in the region. As a delivery partner of LCR 4.0, Sensor City helps Liverpool City Region SMEs explore the potential of Industry 4.0 technologies and accelerate their innovations from idea to prototype.

A dedicated team based at Sensor City provides technical assistance to SMEs including data automation, embedded electronic systems integration, 3D concept design and digital marketing. At Light Night, you can find out more about the programme and how the expertise within the LCR 4.0 team are transforming Britain’s ambitions to be a world leader in the fourth industrial revolution.

VR RCADE is a virtual reality games arcade in Liverpool city centre, run by a team of gamer geeks excited to explore virtual reality technology and share it with you. It is their mission to provide you with the chance to try great immersive games and exciting experiences as they’re released at a purpose-built Liverpool city centre location.

Virtual reality is still in its infancy and VR RCADE can’t wait to see where it goes. Don’t delay, experience virtual reality for yourself today!