21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Celebrate LightNight outside the Museum of Liverpool with Artemis Street Theatre Productions for a playful walkabout of stilts, story and performance under the sea with larger-than-life Octopi Cali and Mari and their rivals the Lionfish all under the watchful eye of the ever-present Captain Barnacle.

Don’t forget to grab a drink or snack from the Museum of Liverpool’s great new outdoor catering truck, meaning you can take in the view whilst enjoying a take away drink and snack.

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children

Please note that Museum of Liverpool will not be open, and this activity takes place outside.

How does sound, noise, and music contribute to your experience of the city, and your wellbeing?

Inspired by Anna Lockwood and Hildegard Westerkamp, a sound walk is a chance to explore the sounds in the urban and natural environment, and experience how they connect with your senses. The route will contain a variety of acoustic spaces, sculpture, and the waterfront with plenty of opportunities to playfully listen to the surrounding activity.

Hosted by Rory Ballantyne. Limited spaces available due to current limits to public gathering. Booking essential.

Book tickets for the 17:00 – 18:00 walk here
Book tickets for the 18:00 – 19:00 walk here

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Do you remember vintage games like Pacman or Space Invaders? Or do you recall the frustration of Tetris?  Are you a game fanatic that wants to experience these popular 80s games?

If so, a must place to visit on LightNight is LIPA.

Our retro arcade-themed lighting installations along the exterior of our LIPA building on Mount Street will give you a chance to relive your youth and share those memories with the younger members of your family.

Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children

No booking required, this work is viewed from outside.



Join Liverpool’s big mouth scouse singing sensation Filla Crack and some of the most stunning Drag Performers in the UK who will play, interact and delight the night away. Just outside Lush on Church Street we’ll have banging and energetic pop-up kikis. You’re all invited to come play!

During the day artist and designer Leo Soph Welton will be taking over the Lush store windows with a Homotopia mural, and what it says and looks like is decided by you! Visit Homotopia’s social media and send in your ideas around LGBTQIA visibility and identity in our city and Leo will react to your thoughts with some fabulous artwork.

Also, pop into the largest Lush in the world for more fun and a whole host of in store activities with a live DJ and our Lush players keeping the party going. There’s plenty to do, whether you fancy a coffee with a Queen in the Lush coffee shop, have your heart set on getting your make up done by one of Lush’s in store make-up artists or want to send a bath bomb down the newly installed bath bomb run. There’s something to satisfy all of your senses.

Can’t make it in person? At 20:45 a Premiere of Queer The City: Drag Cabaret will be broadcast on the Homotopia YouTube channel.

A Homotopia and LightNight Co-commission, supported by LUSH and Liverpool BID Company.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Social Media

Twitter: @HomotopiaFest
Facebook: @LGBT.festival.liverpool
Instagram: @homotopiafest

Join the Windsor Street happenings and explore all the ways you can play! Katumba will kick start the evening with surprising pop up outdoor performances displaying their explosion of rhythmic revelry with Brazilian drums, spectacular choreography and a colossal sound setting Windsor street ablaze!

Carnival is all about bringing out your inner child, exploring joys in all different ways you feel called to: play along with the band (they’ll teach you how using body percussion), let your body be taken by their beat, and maybe even get creative with decorating yourself carnival style. All welcome!

Katumba Bloco is North West’s largest carnival drum ensemble, celebrating diversity and multiculturalism through music, movement and visuals. Katumba Drumming & Movement  brings people together, improving health and wellbeing through music and movement practices and developing local, national and international connections.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Social Media

Twitter: @katumbabloco
Facebook: @katumbadrumming
Instagram: @katumbadrumming

Heavy Gardening is a new trail of seven art works, running from Wood Street to Wapping Dock, produced by artist Andrew Merritt of Something & Son, in partnership with dot-art, Open Eye Gallery and First Take, as part of Liverpool City Council’s Urban GreenUP project which seeks to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change.

Andrew has transformed seven small pieces of public infrastructure and human engineering to make them useful habitats for other species. Through this playful approach to urban design, we can create city habitats that encourage biodiversity to the area and even reintroduce species that may have been lost.

First Take worked with local communities to produce seven short films, accessed by QR codes, showcasing nature-based artworks, green interventions and encouraging local people to talk about the benefits of greening their environment.

Join us at the start of the trail outside FACT to find out more about urban wildlife with the RSPB, pick up a map and start your self-led journey.

Find the trail map at: www.dot-art.co.uk/heavy-gardening

Photowalks at 17:00 or 19:00

If you’d prefer a guided trail, you can book onto a guided Photowalk with Open Eye Gallery’s Andy Yates. Andy will take you between the seven art installations, inviting you to capture the trail and take part in a series of photography challenges.

Photowalks take place at 17:00 and 19:00. There are 12 free places available on each photowalk, booking is essential.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly
Age guidance: 16+ for photowalk, self guided tour open to all ages

Social Media

Twitter: @dotart
Facebook: @dotart
Instagram: @dotartliverpool

More Heavy Gardening events:

Online Discussion – Heavy Gardening: A Cross Sector Approach to the Green Agenda

Play along with Tickle The Ivories at Liverpool ONE this LightNight!

Tickle is back on Friday 21 May for the 11th year running. The much-loved piano festival will fill the streets of Liverpool ONE with music again, starting on LightNight with surprise pop up performances.

You’ll also have the chance to try your hand at playing the pianos, or perform the songs you’ve been practicing during lockdown. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, our pianos are available to anyone to play freely.

Tickle The Ivories will run until 1 August with more performances to be announced and, as always, will be open to anyone who wishes to book a busking slot or just turn up and play!

Visit www.liverpool-one.com/events/tickle to find out more.

For LightNight ROAD Studios Director Tony Knox will be collaborating with ROAD members and guest artists to produce the latest issue of the Mothman comic book, giving an insight into the dysfunctional life of the Mothman.

As he stumbles throughout different ages in history, his tales become interwoven within folklore, this cryptid being bringing misfortune in the most haphazard of ways.

Individual pages will be shown as a series of large-scale posters displayed in various outdoor locations across the city centre as part of LightNight 2021 which you can see from 19th May until 3rd June 2021. A map of the poster locations can be viewed here.

ROAD Studios is an artist led organisation that has served as a creative hub within the heart of Liverpool since 2012.

Mothman #4 will feature the work of Tony Knox, Helios Bernal Alcantarilla, Eoin Flynn, Robert Flynn, Kirsten Hawkins, Lauren Masterson, Louis Jeck-Prestidge, Sasha Spyrou, Lo Tierney, Tomo and Andy Wolfenden.

See the artwork across poster sites in the city whilst you’re on your LightNight trail!

Social Media

Twitter: @road_studios
Facebook: @RoadStudios
Instagram: @road_studios


Did you know that there are tribes of small creatures who live around us? We are not aware of them, but we need them. They are the ones who whisper without words and inspire jokes, fun dances, music, paintings, love; in other words, they are the ones who make life worth living. Liverpool has plenty of them: the Old-Swan, the An-Field, the Ever-ton…

One of the tribes has gone missing, it’s the Baltic Green tribe. What happened to them? Are they in danger? Their members were last seen on Jamaica Street where they left some traces behind; those traces are visible through augmented reality and might be helpful to solve the puzzle of their disappearance.

You just need a smartphone to see those traces, but all of your imagination to find out what they mean. Come to help to solve this mystery through an augmented reality treasure hunt before it is too late!

If you want to participate, write to info@docupostcards.co.uk
and we will send you all the instructions.

Specifically for children.

Visit Liverpool’s unique graffiti art focused venue Zap Graffiti and watch several artists get playful and create works live especially for LightNight on a large scale.

Since 1995, Zap Graffiti have been busy engaging folks from all walks of life in the positive artform of graffiti. They also coordinate the Contrast Mural Fest.

If you’re interested in future workshops, buying equipment, having your own mural specially commissioned or booking the their venue speak to a member of the Zap team on the night.

Specifically aimed at families with children

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more

A multi-disciplinary performance by LUMA Creations with street arts, circus, dance and music, Pachamama is a journey of redemption ending in a cleansing ritual that brings back the goodness of Mother Earth.

Pachamama has been in hiding since the earth began to crumble. Now the four elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water, represented by four performance groups, must reconnect.

20:00 — 20:45

Four elemental performance groups process from Picton Reading Room to their locations and stand prepared for Pachamama to call them to her altar

21:00 — 21:30

Pachamama calls the four groups to her altar outside Central Library for a final performance.

Performers from Freefall Circus, La Bomba Women Drummers, DrumClash, Makefest and many more are brought together by LUMA Creations in partnership with Liverpool Central Library.

Windsor Street’s creative organisations throw a street party filled with performance, spoken word, dance, music, food, film, arts and crafts taking in the street’s beautiful venues.

The Street Party celebrates the Liverpool 8 community, and highlights the area’s rich history and bright future. Beginning with an energising, ritualistic Carnival performance from Katumba Drumming you will be led through Windsor Street’s many arts and cultural organisations to sample a taste of the diverse, exciting things happening in the community; carnival drumming and dance, spoken word performances, projections of historical home video and found footage of the area, photographs and exhibited material of the area, special LightNight food offers, mandalas created with locally found materials, pavement and chalk drawings / graffiti, a walkable labyrinth, street chakra’s in key locations along the street and more.

Windsor Street is one of the most creative and exciting streets in the city and this is a unique collaboration between some of its residents; Writing on the Wall, Squash Nutrition, Brazuka/Katumba, 20 Stories High, Toxteth TV, CineNation, Video Odyssey, Family Hive and artists from the John Archer Hall Studios.

See the full schedule here.

You’re invited to an ancient ritual: stories by the fireside.

The fires have been set alight. Gather. Hear our story. Journey through Baltic at dusk where the city’s creatives have reclaimed the streets. Delve underground and discover hidden stories.

A creative tour of Baltic Triangle with five stories from the flames produced by Paperwork Theatre. Tours start every hour at 19:00, 20:00 & 21:00, meet outside HOBO Kiosk.

Tours last 45 min.

Liverpool Samba School and the team behind Brazilica celebrate the music, dance and costumes of Carnival, which in many Christian countries is a pre-Lent ritual that revellers traditionally celebrate before a month of fasting leading up to Easter. Mardi Gras, Venetian Carnevale and Rio Carnival all have their roots in this ritual.

See a show stopping dusk drumming performance from Samba Reggae drumming band Batala Mersey on the newly opened steps of the Museum of Liverpool at the Pier Head.

The story of three Brazilian Orishas will form the basis of three short ritualistic percussive routines, representing the human form of their Candomble spirit in the Yoruba identity. Each twenty minute performance has been designed to allude to the ritualistic rhythms and moves of the particular Orisha it represents, bringing about a unique mood and spiritual feel to each of the individual performances.

Bring family and friends to watch live Samba Reggae music performed by over 30 drummers wearing traditional costume, and reflect on and pay homage to the spiritual significance of its Afro-Brazilian roots.

Up for Arts is 10 and to celebrate they’re dancing in the street!

BeatLife will be belting out the drum beats along with Samba Livre Liverpool Brazilian samba dancers – so if you love to dance, come and join this joyous dancing procession!

If you like to salsa, cha cha, tango, or simply just shake your booty then come and share your dance moves, as you shake, rattle and roll along to the dance rhythm. And why not create your own new dance moves to get us in the carnival spirit?

Up for Arts, along with BBC Radio Merseyside has supported hundreds of amateur art and craft, dance and singing groups, over the years, and what better way to celebrate than with a big processional dance. So whether you’re a professional dancer or enjoy dancing as a recreational activity or even if you’ve got two left feet, then come and join in and strut our stuff along the streets of Liverpool ONE.

Route: Sugar House Steps, Paradise St, School Lane, Peter’s Lane, Manesty’s Lane, crossing Paradise St, Sugar House Steps.

Liverpool Chamber Choir treat you to music from the 16th – 20th century linked to the everyday rituals of eating and (especially) drinking. Listen to ladies who lunch elegantly; peasants who imbibe copiously; Christmas dinners that nearly got away; and teddy bears who picnic!

Food and drink are connected with public ritual since ancient times, whether spiritual or Bacchanalial. And psychologists have shown how small individual rituals can actually improve the taste of food. This mixed musical recipe includes tea, cake, red wine, roast goose, beer, chicken and coffee, by composers who lived in 16th century rural France, 20th century sophisticated New York, and everything between. Of course, they can’t guarantee it will influence the gods on your behalf or perk up your taste buds!

Fancy an ice cream? Brazilian artist Jorge Menna Barreto invites you to become part of a delicious experiment about our relationship with food and the environment.

Using wild edibles growing in and around Liverpool, Jorge has developed a special plant-based ice cream based on ideas of eating locally and ethically. Human civilisation has replaced foraging for a global supermarket culture, losing its sense of place and belonging. This project presents an alternative, an invitation to ‘devour our immediate surroundings’. By creating an ice cream using plants and herbs that grow around us, the artist asks us to suspend the act of consuming and use our bodies to foster deeper connections to the ecosystems we belong to.

Jorge Menna Barreto is an artist who lets specific sites determine what he will build and, more recently, what he will eat. By conceptualising our digestive system as a sculptural tool, he invites participants to become part of on-going environmental sculptures while they eat. First-come, first-served! If you miss your chance, head to Maray on Bold Street where the ice cream will be on the menu for the rest of the night.

Presented by Liverpool Biennial in partnership with Maray.

Shopping is our modern ritual.

PMS Radio (BBC Radio Merseyside’s perennially adventurous ‘Popular Music Show’) place new original music in shops, on their in-shop speakers, showcasing local genius. Listen while you shop or shop while you listen, in a diversity of local emporia.

Mersey musicians of note like Esa Shields have created unique soundtracks for your retail wanderings, to be heard on in-shop sound-systems. All exclusive to PMS Radio Popular Music Show, where they can be heard later in the weekend. The line-up of musicians can be found at pmsradio.co.uk to help you plan your listening itinerary.

Please note this event will also take place at LUSH, Grin, Mi Vida and Total Recall Vintage.

From the makers of Illumaphonium, Halo is a new participatory sonic and visual kinetic environment made up of digitally interlinked columns of ever-evolving patterns of light and sound. The visual configurations created by your touch are displayed directly upon the Halos, generated using cutting-edge physics simulations.

Supported by Exchange Flags.


LightNight Commission

Milapfest and Movema join forces for a joyous celebration of the ritual of Indian marriage, the Baarat. The exuberant outdoor wedding ritual culminates in a Milni, the meeting of two families. In a unique street dance take on this exuberant rite Movema, Bombay Baja Brass Band and local dancers meet and combine what they do best. Join this unique coming together for an exciting fusion of East and West!

An assembly for the city’s multi-faith communities, this event is a raucous, intensely-hued dance party along Church Alley and Church Street, accompanied by Bhangra, jazz and classical music from the Bombay Baja Brass Band – whose musicians are armed with trumpets, trombones, saxophones and dhol drums.

Performances last 20 min.

Funded by Liverpool BID Company.

Please note the 19:30 performance is Bombay Baja Brass Band only.

Get Involved

There are two ways you can be a part of this special LightNight 2019 commission:

 – Attend a free workshop 14:00 – 15:30 on Sunday 5 May. Sign up here.

– Join Movema’s weekly World Fusion Classes every Wednesday at 18:00 to learn the whole show over eight weeks. Open to all, drop in on different dates can be accommodated. Affordable costs apply. Sign up here.

Bring the Fire Project stages a collaborative performance of fire, music and dance celebrating beautiful traditions from the Celtic, Chinese, Indian and African communities who have influenced the past and present of Liverpool. Expect live music, stilt walkers, burning costumes, pyrotechnics and so much more.

Bring the Fire Project is a Liverpool based collective of fire dancers, circus skills teachers and flow arts promoters. They offer excellent fire and light performance based on exploration between modern object manipulation arts, various dance forms and theatre techniques.

Liverpool Carnival Company transforms the Albert Dock into a mini carnival of music, dance and costume exploring the meeting of technology and culture looking to the future. Join in! What will you choose; android, or carnival feathers and glitter?

Using light, rhythm and movement LUMA Creations/OLC Productions present the heartbeat and power of the drum through changing shapes and shadows of light; creating change from the natural to the mechanical.

Travel full circle through powerful rhythms, taking a magical journey with shifting movements that transform us. We transform and become parts of what we once were. Featuring La Bomba Women’s Drum Group, the DRUM CLASH Crew, Liverpool’s Steam Punk Society and Holly Blue. Devised and composed by Francisco Carrasco.

Batala Mersey drumming band collaborate with Brouhaha International to present a series of three hands-on workshops, each followed by carnival performances and processions to allow audiences the opportunity to understand and experience Brazilian carnival culture.


Feel It

Traditional Carnival Mask Workshop

16:00 — 18:00

‘Make and take’ workshop from Brouhaha on the ground floor. Reflect upon self-transformation in the spirit of carnival and masquerade, and then join in with the parade wearing your brand-new mask.

Batala Carnival Parade

18:30 — 19:00 

Starting at Steble Fountain, Batala Mersey play a traditional Bahian repertoire from north east Brazil and will parade around St George’s Plateau, with the audience following in traditional carnival style.


Hear It

Mask Workshop

19:00 — 20:00 

‘Make and take’ workshop from Brouhaha on the ground floor. Create your own mask inspired by the origins of carnival culture.

Batala Mersey on the Picton Steps

20:15 — 20:45

A high energy percussive performance, the sound of which will make you want to move.


See It

Animal Forms Mask Workshop

21:00 — 22:00

‘Make and take’ workshop from Brouhaha on the ground floor.

Illuminated Rhythms

22:30 — 23:00

Decoding the percussive texture of the Batala rhythms through the use of light. See the beat of each drum in colour to visually interpret the music, creating a multi-sensory experience. Digitally animated horses will add to the texture of the visual display.

From the Big Bang to mobile-obsessed humans, Tmesis Theatre take you on a crazily transformative, twenty minute, fast-paced journey of our evolution. Using their trademark quirky, comic and entertaining physical style, this new street piece is accompanied by a journey through live music, from the didgeridoo to the digital! Based here in Liverpool, Tmesis have toured their award-winning physical theatre productions nationally and internationally for the past 14 years.

Takes place outside Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building at Albert Dock.

This event is supported by Albert Dock Liverpool.

Directed by Elinor Randle
Performers: Eleni Edipidi,  Yasmine Goulden, Chris Murray, Charles Sandford and Guy Shread
Music Barry Han and Meike Holzmann
Designed by Stephanie O Hara
Produced by Claire Bigley

Come and see Merseyside Dance Initiative recreate the iconic work of Choreographer Pina Bausch on the steps of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. As part of a major project, the Pina Bausch Foundation have welcomed groups from around the world to learn the choreography and dance  “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter” from the 1982 piece “Nelken”.

In this processional performance, with just a few distinct gestures, The Nelken Line will use repetitive movements to beautifully represent the four seasons, accompanied by Louis Armstrong’s wonderful recording of West End Blues. MDI will be working with community groups including Youth Dance and 50 Moves, lecturers and students from Liverpool’s universities and colleges, along with professional dance artists based in the City to create Liverpool’s Nelken Line.

Merseyside Dance Initiative is dance organisation based in Liverpool City Centre. Their work aims to inspire people through dance, in our role as creative catalyst they work with artists and partner venues to create and present original and captivating dance.

Performances last 20 minutes.

Dung beetles co-existed with dinosaurs over a hundred million years ago, probably munching their droppings. They were the scarabs worshipped by ancient Egyptians as symbols of reincarnation.

Cleaners and recyclers, essential to life on earth, these beetles transform dung into nourishment, aerating the soil and countering climate change by burying carbon.   Two dung beetles roam the streets of Liverpool accompanied by ethereal music, sharing stories with the public, posing questions about life and dung. They may ask for help  – at night they steer their course by the Milky Way, but this will be hard in a city drowned in light pollution. They also have to make sure no other creature steals their booty – dung is a precious and sought-after resource. Is there much difference between us and them? In the great cosmic dance, are we all equal?

Insects are so often invisible to humans, especially in cities, yet they are part of the rich fabric of life on which we all depend, linking past and present, earth and universe.  We would do well to learn from them.  ‘The Dung Beetles’ Cosmic Journey’ is a parable of hope; humans are part of life – and life is transformation.


As evening falls on the city prepare for an encounter challenging your conception of modern poetry, in a new light installation by artist John Elcock that quite literally transforms sign into symbol. Head to the piazza in front of Lime Street Station where at the gateway to a changing city, you will be greeted with words of reflection and illumination. Stanza re-interprets a device all too familiar from our daily encounter with the modern world, into something altogether more enigmatic and less purposeful.

Fragments of text from his striking poetry will be displayed in a unique and powerful way to transform Lime Street into a place of quiet reflection and challenge the didactic trend of our information-led culture.  Continuing the Liverpool-tradition of painter-poets, Elcock’s writing is full of rich imagery, drawing on the themes of landscape, birds and symbolism found in his paintings and which in 2018 resulted in selection for the prestigious Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize exhibition, the UK’s leading competition for British contemporary representational painting. His three collections of poetry are published by The Artel Press.


WoWFest18 – Crossing Borders celebrates the transformative power of inclusivity. Witness a unique sculpture populated with work from individuals across Liverpool and hear performances from WowFest projects and communities. This ‘wall’ is built from the stories and experiences of our communities; for the society they wish to build for themselves and each other?

WoWFest is Liverpool’s longest running literary/writing festival. Beginning in 2000 as a weekend festival, it’s now a month-long programme of radical literature, debate, performance, activism and creative writing, running each May in venues across the city. Born from the Docker’s Strike of 95-98, WoWFest has always been a radical programme of writers, journalists, performers, activists, commentators, broadcasters, academics and communities. It brings together high-profile and international guests alongside local professional artists and communities in relevant, interesting and dynamic discussions.