21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) is a multi strand program based at the Everyman and Playhouse Theatres. YEP encourages the young people who have joined this important and valuable scheme to see theatre in a new light by asking them to create many exciting experiences for different audiences.

For LightNight this year three YEP performers present Playful, three pieces of spoken word they have specially created exploring the playful things we miss from our childhood. It feels like play has been missing from all our lives for the last year, so the YEP members have chosen to look at ‘the joy, the exploration, the love, the creativity and the stories we imagine from nowhere as we play.’

Since its launch in 2012, YEP has provided opportunities for young people aged 14-25, no matter their circumstances. Most of YEP’s work is devised and has a political edge with shows including ‘Until They Kick us Out’, ‘The Environmentalists’ and ‘Crowd’. YEP young people are encouraged to put their voice into the world and really say what they want to say. They have recently performed scripted pieces such as ‘Road’ by Jim Cartwright and ‘Animal Farm’ at the Everyman Theatre. Previous YEP members are now applying to drama schools, bidding for funding for their own projects, gaining employment within the industry and joining with other groups locally and nationally to programme and create work. They’re the theatre makers of the future!

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more


Image credit: Photograph by Brian Roberts




Play Up

How We Move, How You Move Me

Songs from The Show Must Go On


There will be sparks. There will be flames. There will be bellowing.

Come and join us on LightNight as we turn rock into metal without the help of Ozzy Osborne! Visit our site to learn more and join us for interactive discussions of mines, metals and magic at 18.00–18.30 and 20.00–20.30.

A playful look at the production of copper

A restful soundscape of smelting

Game of Stones: The Magic of Metallurgy — 6pm Discussion

Game of Stones: The Magic of Metallurgy — 8pm Discussion

Enjoy these events online on LightNight right here or at: www.liverpool.ac.uk/archaeology-classics-and-egyptology/lightnight2021

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

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Liverpool based Labour historian Dr. Greig Campbell will give a 30 minute talk that explores the little-known story of a rank-and-file workers’ occupation of Liverpool’s Meccano plant – the so-called Factory of Dreams.

Late in 1979, 940 Liverpool workers at the Edge Lane Meccano factory were given 40 minutes notice that their famous factory was to close – leaving them jobless just weeks before Christmas.

A large number of devastated and defiant employees refused to accept that this was the end for the Meccano plant in Binns Road, Old Swan and took decisive action. An occupation, maintained predominantly by women employees, lasted an incredible 4 months and represents a vital chapter in Merseyside’s labour history.

Using archival source material, comic book style illustrations and oral testimonies, Give Us Work Not Dole provides an intimate account of the 1979-80 fight to save the facility from closure – a campaign that represents one of the most remarkable chapters in Merseyside’s illustrious labour history.

The film will be followed by a live Q +A with Professor Campbell

Sign up for the Zoom here

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

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On LightNight 2021, dot-art and Open Eye Gallery launch a new trail of seven art works, sited along the Baltic Corridor from Wapping Dock to Bold Street, produced by internationally renowned artist Andrew Merritt of Something & Son. Andrew has transformed seven small pieces of public infrastructure (such as billboard, drainage system, vent systems), to make them useful for other species.

Join us for an online discussion to hear the team behind the Heavy Gardening art trail discuss how art and culture can help build engagement with the green agenda and help communities feel part of the fight against climate change.

Hosted by Lucy Byrne, Managing Director at dot-art, joined by:

Ben Deed – LERC Manager, Merseyside BioBank

Andrew Merritt – Artist & Co-founder of Something & Sons

Dr Juliet Staples – Senior Project Manager, URBAN GreenUP

Andy Yates – Creative Producer, Open Eye Gallery

The Heavy Gardening art trail forms part of the wider EU funded Horizon 2020 URBAN GreenUP project currently taking place in Liverpool. dot-art, Open Eye Gallery and First Take were commissioned to deliver the art element of the project.

Image credit: Andrew Merritt

Activity Packs

Over the next two years Open Eye Gallery is working with a range of partners to develop a programme with a focus on climate change. To complement our online LightNight events, which explore how we can engage with the green agenda through art, we’ve created ‘Grow-at-Home’ activity packs. The packs contain native wildflower seeds, photo challenges and projects by local artists and organisations engaging with the green agenda and a small number are available to collect and take home from the gallery on LightNight.

If you are taking part in LightNight’s online offer from home, you can order an activity pack to be posted to you. To order, email sorcha@openeye.org.uk by 13th May to receive on time for LightNight.

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

The Bluecoat Display Centre presents new displays including ceramics by Attila Olah, Emma Rodgers and Jacob Chan, glass by Verity Pulford, mixed media by Michael Brennand-Wood, metalwork by Ruth Ball and wood by Hugh Miller. Many of these maker’s work will also be shown in new displays in the Craft and Design Gallery at the Walker Art Gallery and the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum throughout 2021.

You can join Samantha Rhodes – Director of the Bluecoat Display Centre – in conversation with exhibiting artists, online on LightNight:

Attila Olah in conversation

For LightNight 2021, Samantha Rhodes continues her series of recorded conversations with local makers from their studios. Attila Olah is a local ceramicist whose work explores the power of the vessel: over thousands of years, through association with birth, nourishment, ritual, celebration and death, the vessel has become deeply rooted in the human psyche. He runs Altar Pottery, a progressive ceramics studio based in John Archer Hall, Toxteth. Watch Attila’s short film, ‘Ice Motion’, here.

Jacob Chan in conversation

For LightNight 2021, Samantha Rhodes continues her series of recorded conversations with local makers from their studios. Jacob Chan is a local emerging ceramicist. His work is heavily based around his cultural background and heritage. Being half Chinese and half English his ceramics take inspiration from traditional Chinese shapes and forms, whilst the surfaces are heavily decorated in slips and oxides that contain other raw materials such as sand, slate and broken pottery collected from around the coastlines and mountain ranges of Britain. Jacob was a finalist in the 2019 series of the Great Pottery Throw-down on Channel 4.

Emma Rhodes in conversation

For LightNight 2021, Samantha Rhodes continues her series of recorded conversations with local makers from their studios. Emma Rodgers is a local ceramic artist who creates sculptural works which explore “confrontation, energy, curiosity [and the] essence of a moment” and are indicative of the very nature of the animals she depicts. Recently Emma has started to experiment with bronze, as she feels clay can not sustain the demands of some of her ideas in terms of strength and durability.

Age guidance: Young children should be accompanied by an adult

No booking required, but please note all LightNight venues have limited capacities and you may need to queue to help us adhere to safety guidelines. Read more

Closed captions are available for this event. If you require captions please view the work through Google Chrome web browser, and enable them via the Settings tab. Google Chrome can be downloaded here.

Scottie Road Writers present a video featuring four of our members reading their original short stories inspired by the LightNight 2021 theme of Play. The seven stories, range between 10-18 minutes each, plus a short introduction, combine to bring 80 minutes of diverse storytelling.

Watch the readings when they go live this LightNight:

(Duration in brackets)

Alan Porter-Barnes; Blow Me a Kiss (10:29) & Hell’s Waiting Room (7:58)

Kelly-Ann Porter; If Music be the Food of Love (11:36) & Who’s Afraid (17:35)

Liz Biggins; Memories of a Summer Day (10:24) & Play (9:19)

John Culkin; Playing Away from Home (13:58)

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

Scottie Road Writers bring to life original short stories & poems, based around this year’s theme of ‘ritual’. The readings promise to be both entertaining & thought provoking; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll wonder at the breadth of imagination of this talented group.

Ritual is a rich source of inspiration for the members of Scottie Road Writers. Their imaginations have been given free rein, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. Set in the wonderful surroundings of Central Library, you’ll have ample opportunity to take a break from the hustle & bustle, relax, sit back, and take your imagination on a free-wheeling trip into the many and varied worlds created by the authors. A continuous round of storytelling at it’s finest.

The Ancient Egyptians ritualised the daily workings of life and death. Death was ruled by mummification rituals and life was ruled by the movements of the stars, which even influenced the positioning of the great pyramids.

Explore the process of mummification though World Museum’s handling collection, and the ancient knowledge of the night sky with an interactive map installation.

Join Science Museum Research Fellow Dr Angela Stienne and curators from National Museums Liverpool for an interactive discussion on the routines and rituals museums go through as they decide whether or not to display human remains.

They’ll discuss the ethical dilemmas of curating collections such as mummies in the Ancient Egypt gallery, and how we can interpret their stories. Book free tickets via liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/lightnight

Join Liverpool based indie press Dead Ink Books for an evening of creative rituals with author & academic Naomi Booth and graphic & brand designer Luke Bird.

The first part of the evening will be a talk, ‘The Writer’s Rituals’, in which Naomi will explore her writing processes in creating her stunning dystopian novel Sealed. This will be followed by ‘Conversations of the Cover Design’, a discussion between Naomi and graphic designer, Luke Bird, who’ll explore the rituals in designing the new cover for Naomi’s novel, which will be reissued in July this year.

The evening will finish with Luke’s ‘Artistic Rituals’, an interactive seminar exploring his processes in designing best-selling book covers, such as Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant and the Man Booker Prize winning Milkman by Anna Burns. There will be plenty of time throughout the evening to ask Noami and Luke questions, enjoy some refreshments and socialise. There will also be copies of Dead Ink’s books for sale.

Tickets for each talk are free but limited, get yours at deadinkbooks.com We look forward to seeing you there!

All aboard The Nightbus for an evening of unforgettable stories, frolics and glitter! Join FACT for a storytime like no other, read aloud by The Nightbus. Storytelling for children and adults alike, drop in with your family and enjoy a series of stories inspired by fairy tales with empowering characters that will turn archetypes on their head.

The Nightbus is a performer and theatre-maker based in London and the Northwest. A Muslim by birth and mind, The Nightbus interrogates society’s capacity to accept and champion queer identity, race and religion through the media of drag, storytelling and spoken word, taking advantage of the rising popularity of such art forms to at first disarm audiences with effortless glamour before presenting stories about harmony and shared experience.


You’re invited to an ancient ritual: stories by the fireside.

The fires have been set alight. Gather. Hear our story. Journey through Baltic at dusk where the city’s creatives have reclaimed the streets. Delve underground and discover hidden stories.

A creative tour of Baltic Triangle with five stories from the flames produced by Paperwork Theatre. Tours start every hour at 19:00, 20:00 & 21:00, meet outside HOBO Kiosk.

Tours last 45 min.

Uncover how early societies have been rediscovered by archaeologists and explore the belief systems of Merseyside’s earliest people through the scant symbols and structures they left behind. Piece together the rhythm of the daily lives of prehistoric people, their rituals and their beliefs.

Glimpse into the lives of the first people to settle here and gain some understanding of a society and culture far removed from our own at this series of talks. Connect with a people who did not see the divide between the supernatural and natural worlds as we do today.

It’s five years since the transformed Central Library was unveiled. Join in the celebration with a mix of literary and musical activities, plus an exploration of Brazilian carnival through workshops and outdoor performances.

Discover (Ground Floor)

17:00 — 17:30 In Harmony

This young orchestra play selected pieces exploring the theme of transformation.

18:00 — 18:45 Bangor Ladies Choir

Under the expert guidance and direction of Christine Crutchley who took on the role of Musical Director in September 2017, the choir is performing pieces with accompanying images on the transformation of women by the Suffragette movement, which celebrates its centenary in 2018.

18:00, 19:15 & 19:45 The Rubbish Shakespeare Company

Enemies. Lovers. Warring families. Sausage rolls? See how Shakespeare transforms the dynamic between two lovers over the course of one scene as The Rubbish Shakespeare Company present 15min pop-up scenes from Romeo & Juliet in their unique, critically acclaimed style.

20:30 — 22:00 Transformations

Poetry has the power to transform the spoken word into often spiritual artistic expressions that connect us to shared human experiences and emotions. A variety of poetry readings and performances.

Atrium (Ground Floor)

20:00 Liverpool Community Choir

Performing under the guidance of their talented music director Ian Davidson this uplifting choir has members of all ages from right across Merseyside.

21:00 — 22:00 Dave and Danielle Flynn

Making Changes live performance of guitar and voice.

Hornby Library (First Floor)

17:00 – 18:00 Transformations by North End Writers

New work inspired by animals, nursery rhymes, translation and images presented and read by members of the North End Writers community group.

18:00 — 18:45 & 19:15 – 20:00 Southport Strings

Fresh from their transformative visit to the Kaustinen Folk Festival, Finland last summer Southport Strings perform a selection of traditional tunes mixed with their own more familiar Celtic repertoire.

Picton Reading Room (First Floor)

21:00 — 22:00 Nick Ellis

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Nick Ellis performs a style of streetscape narrative-noir blended with a classic British acoustic approach. Looking at ideas around the transformation of places, Nick is performing pieces from his work Adult Fiction; a novel set to music. Each song is a chapter based on an old folklore passed onto him by his 105 year old Aunt, Molly Amero, in the last days of her life.

Second Floor

18:00 — 19:30 Liverpool Code Club

A fun workshop for children to learn micro:bit programming, electronics and robotics adding light and sound effects to laser cut horses! Finished creations will stay at the library to be part of Batala’s performance later, and you will be invited to being them out and parade them at Liverpool Makefest in June. Suitable for ages 8-12 years.

20:00 — 21:30 Scottie Road Writers

Expect the unexpected? Expert Storytelling from Scottie Road Writers

Fourth Floor

18:15 — 19:15 The Land of the Scowl

Land of the Scowl is based on newly discovered papers and paintings that were discovered by the archivists working in the vaults of Liverpool Central Library. A truly epic story of cowardice and courage, the good and the bad, triumph and transformation. It shows the origins of many things we take for granted in Liverpool today. 7+

19:30 — 22:45 Mouth of the Mersey: Transformation

Liverpool’s original adult storytelling group reforms! The Mouth of the Mersey combines traditional and modern storytelling, true stories, nearly true stories and down right lies. Ancient and modern stories and tales of the yet to be. Scary stories, funny stories, heart-breaking stories, stories to lift the spirits and always entertaining stories. With musical guests Harp and a Monkey.

Please see Feel it Hear It See It which also takes place at Central Library

Join ROOT-ed and Tate Collective Producers in this drop-in debate discussing how can we transform the art world to become more inclusive.

With speakers presenting their experiences on the subject and an opportunity for guests to pose questions and join in the debate.

In this, the 100th anniversary of the beginnings of UK women’s suffrage, the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, and the 50th anniversary of the May ‘68 uprising in Paris, News from Nowhere is set to celebrate all things revolutionary.

Slightly tweaking the Suffragettes’ famous slogan “Deeds not Words” (because after all NfN are a bookshop) they’ll have book displays and interactive fun, not to mention their famous colour-themed refreshments. Purple and green eats, anyone? Call in to reveal What Revolution Means to You, make a suffragette sash or rosette, or find out about the moment students and workers allied to overthrow the French establishment. From Suffragettes to #MeToo! For the Many Not the Few! La Lutte Continue!

Liverpool Biennial: A Beautiful World

17:00 — 19:30

What does a ‘beautiful world’ look like? Join in creating a large-scale zine which explores the world around us and imagines future possibilities. Make your own drawing, picture or poem and add it to an ever-growing collage in response to Beautiful world, where are you? – the title of Liverpool Biennial’s 10th edition which unfolds across the city 14 Jul – 28 Oct. biennial.com

Vote 100: The Readers

17:00 — 20:00

A hundred women volunteers from across the city read the writing of 100 women through the ages; from campaigners to poets.

Make More Noise!

Suffragettes in Silent Film

17:00 — 22:00

A collection exploring the representation of pioneering women in the first decades of the 20th century.

Take One Woman

18:00 — 19:00 

A three handed performance piece on the life of Kitty Wilkinson, who was instrumental in the setting up of the first Liverpool wash house and baths.  It’s a hundred years since the first women in the UK won the vote, and nearer two hundred years since a woman called Kitty Wilkinson stepped into history.

The Liverpool cholera epidemic of 1832 could have been just another example of people let down by incompetent and indifferent authorities. Instead it was transformed by Kitty  into a story of unflinching courage and hope.

Hotel Transformania

19:00 — 20:00 

Liverpool Script Shop are turning the hall into the Hotel Transformania. The ‘rooms’ of the hotel are full of people who have undergone life changing experiences. One thing’s for sure – you won’t be the same going out as you were when you came in.

Utopia for Now

20:00 — 21:00 

Come along on a journey into what life could be like with free money for everyone. Utopia for Now explores how Universal Basic Income could transform the lives of characters from different backgrounds, who live here in the city. This is the first production from Tomorrow’s Theatre and is performed by a community group. with one thing in common – they all live in Liverpool.

In collaboration with The Reader, Blackburne House celebrates ‘Vote 100’ with 100 poems, verses and quotes written by 100 women through the ages, from campaigners to poets, and read by 100 women volunteers from across the city. Their voices will demonstrate the struggle women have faced throughout history to make their voices heard.

The Victoria Gallery & Museum are teaming up with the University of Liverpool’s Continuing Education department to bring you a gallery talk. Come along and experience the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian Underworld.

You will be guided through the gallery exhibit and will learn about the landscape of the Underworld, the helpers of the deceased (‘shabtis’), and the many amulets of protection that were used in the Underworld and in everyday life.

Find out about the Negative Confession and the Lake of Fire and what happened if the deceased did not pass the Judgement in the Hall of Osiris. Would you have passed the Judgement?

Give it a go yourself, if you dare!

Talks at: 18.00 – 18.30, 19.00 – 19.30, 20.00 -20.30