21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Mark the night! Join us online

From 5pm on Friday 15 May 2020 we invite you to follow #LightNightatHome and join in an online exploration of work by many of the artists and organisations who had so much planned for the festival this year. Our theme for the festival this year is Home, and it feels all the more important now. Home is a space, a memory, a feeling – what will Home mean when we emerge from this crisis?

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The communal real-life experience of LightNight is its biggest strength and although we cannot replicate this for you online, we can see Friday 15 May as a chance for us all to champion and celebrate what the arts mean to us all. Whilst we are all withdrawing into our homes, let’s reconnect online for an evening of sharing, creativity and solidarity.

Click here to see the line up so far…


If you have enjoyed the festival in the past, and love the work Open Culture do, please consider donating to support LightNight in the coming years.

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Join in and get creative!

You can join in and get creative with the theme of Home with some activities for all ages presented by one of our commissioned artists Laura-Kate Chapman who’s project Interlace has been exploring what ‘Home’ means to people across the city. Create your own interpretation with some activities inspired by her work here and share them on the night with the hashtag #LightNightatHome.

We hope to see you all online – follow us now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.