21 May 2021 5pm – Late

A Regurgitation is a Song is a Spell

19:00 – 21:00

A Regurgitation is a Song is a Spell

Part of Liverpool Biennial 2021

Luisa Ungar has worked with a group of clairvoyants around various types of material from collections and archives in the city of Liverpool. The experts will be available to the public to answer questions via phone calls. Ask a question, share a concern or an urgency.

Reversal consultations can help you identify the nature of what you already ingested. Regurgitation is the way, constant rumination is a must. You have been colonised by uncountable hidden diseases. We might show you the symptoms. Pricking, a tooth, soap, ticks. Do you want to remember? Remove the center and the universe will open for you.  Clairvoyant skills to guide your way back and forth. Access what they tried to silence. Melt with the (im)pure margins. Custom made spells harness the proximity of the Voice.

Inspired by reports of contagion, hygienisation and witch-hunting, Ungar explores ways of reclaiming practices that were marginalized by the modern-capitalist world, revising forms of deprivation of women’s voices in connection to local history.

With limited availability, the calls will take place three evenings a week from Thursdays to Saturdays. Following your booking, a number will be emailed directly on the morning of your call, for you to dial in at your booked time. Each call is free of charge and will last a maximum of 20 minutes, including a closing message at the end.

To make a booking click here.

About Luisa Ungar

Luisa Ungar´s multidisciplinary practice explores how social norms are constructed and institutionalised through language. She is interested in mechanisms that question ways in which local history is constructed, using didactic strategies that trace colonial structures implicit in our ways of learning, communicating and speaking. She looks for threads on animality and the non-human which shape our behaviour, and her performances are often built on conversations from the local environment and interweave micro-stories with seemingly disjointed historical narratives and archaeological remains in order to build new layers of meaning.

Take a taxi ride into an alternate world within the city of Liverpool, where the Cumbian beat of Latin American music intersects with primordial forces.

You can experience Erick Beltrán’s Superposition (2021) by booking a special ComCab Taxis on 0151 298 2222 (normal phone and taxi rates apply). Available throughout Liverpool Biennial, the full Superposition commission, combining lights and music alongside the graphic designs, can be experienced across 5 taxis, while on display across the tip-seats of an additional 30 taxis are Beltrán’s graphic designs, complete with QR codes providing access to the accompanying audio.

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