21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Cyber Labyrinth

17:00 – 00:00

Cyber Labyrinth is a new media exhibition co-curated by Jaxton Su (Singapore) and Nien-Ting Chen (Taiwan), which imagines the uncertainty and ever-changing notion of the future as a temporal labyrinth that reconfigures itself arbitrarily.

Cyber Labyrinth

It is presented in the form of a pseudo futuristic cyber café, showcasing a wide spectrum of experimental works including but not limited to video art, animation, music video, game, sonic art and performance art. Audiences can interact with the fun and engaging artworks as they embark on a psychedelic journey of future imaginings filled with wonders and surprises.

Unrestricted by geographical limitations, Cyber Labyrinth is set to engage audiences from anywhere around the globe through a playful, extraordinary and immersive experience into a kaleidoscope of possible futures.

Visit the online portal from 5pm on LightNight: https://cyberlabyrinth.xctuality.com

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults

Social Media

Facebook: @Art by Jaxton Su
Instagram: @jaxtonjx  and  @nientingchen

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