21 May 2021 5pm – Late

In Flow

17:00 – 00:00

In Flow is a new Web App artwork specially created for LightNight by artist Ronan Devlin which imagines an atomic resolution vista.

Just as the imperceptible atomic world is uncertain, the work’s visual form resonates and changes state through audience engagement, creating a perpetually unfolding ‘scape’ of moiré pattern.

On LightNight audiences can engage with, control and travel through multiple levels of the work via any up-to-date web browser on any (mobile, tablet, desktop) digital device.

This work, commissioned by LightNight Liverpool, was made in collaboration with media-designer Michael Flückiger and composer Ant Dickinson.

The piece is a new edition of an audience responsive installation: ronandevlin.com/in-flow

Limited Addition In Flow prints (in association with LightNight Liverpool) are available at ronandevlin.com/store/in-flow

Photosensitivity warning: Viewer discretion is advised. This work contains flashing and moving, high contrasting light and dark patterns which could trigger a seizure or other symptoms in photosensitive individuals

VIEW IN FLOW HERE >>> www.lightnightliverpool.co.uk/in-flow-online

Audience: Specifically aimed at adults but is family friendly

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