21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Liverpool Biennial 2021 at Lush Building

17:00 – 22:00

Lush Building

Artists gathered in this venue employ different viewpoints and organisms to question, disrupt and explore what a human can be against a ‘neutral’ and universal designation.

Some of the artists explore ways in which our bodies are fluid, porous and interdependent – be it natural or artificial. Others confront historical corporeal constructions by amplifying experiences of those who have other bodies often located in a space of lack, in a place of disadvantage and subordination. But all call for an urgent need to re-think what a human is – dismantling structures that inflict violence upon those whose humanity is valued differently because of their race, gender, sexuality, or abilities.

This exhibition will run until 27th June.

Liverpool Biennial 2021 explores notions of the body. Drawing on non-Western ways of thinking, the 11th edition challenges an understanding of the individual as a defined, self-sufficient entity. The body is instead seen as a fluid organism that is continuously shaped by and shaping its environment. A plethora of artistic practices inform this edition: many of the artworks include sound, shun direct representation, de-stabilise gender categories or look at intense forms of contact. Liverpool, and its maritime history as a point of global contact and circulation, provides the perfect ecosystem to situate these enquiries.

Image credit: Jenna Sutela, Magma, 2019. Photo: Moderna Museet

Take a taxi ride into an alternate world within the city of Liverpool, where the Cumbian beat of Latin American music intersects with primordial forces.

You can experience Erick Beltrán’s Superposition (2021) by booking a special ComCab Taxis on 0151 298 2222 (normal phone and taxi rates apply). Available throughout Liverpool Biennial, the full Superposition commission, combining lights and music alongside the graphic designs, can be experienced across 5 taxis, while on display across the tip-seats of an additional 30 taxis are Beltrán’s graphic designs, complete with QR codes providing access to the accompanying audio.

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Lush Building
38 - 46 Church St
L1 3AW

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