21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Playful Nature — LIPA Primary

17:00 – 00:00

The LIPA Primary children have been creating films inspired by the natural world coming out to play. In the absence of human flocks, the city is a wilder urban place, ripe for ecological art explorations. We salute the birdsong concertos, study the clouds and pay respect to the wildflowers growing though concrete!  You have four Films to enjoy…

Revolutionary Nature

A film celebrating documentation of early years children creating a discovery garden in the Liverpool Oratory grounds. The children draw the garden as they create it, learning about the cyclical nature of living systems and biodiversity. A collaboration between Jayne Seddon LIPA Primary Artist in Residence, Robin Riley Chair of The Friends of St James Gardens, National Museums Liverpool & Scouse Flowerhouse.

Hope on the Horizon

Looking up from Hope Street to the river, Year 6 children study the sky as a moving painting. Working with both music and art, they created graphic scores inspired by cloud formations. They share their sublime sound cells and stunning oil paintings of clouds in this film.

Bird Song Sky Shanty

Children in Years 3 and 4 make songs inspired by our native birds.  They play with birdsong, flight paths, patterns and pitch bending. Lyrics are inspired by their love of birds. This is a Love Music and Revolutionary Nature collaboration.

Shifting Skies

Musician Rachael Diop and LIPA Primary Artist in Residence Jayne Seddon share a composition of music and art inspired by patterns in nature and mersey clouds.


Audience: Specifically aimed at families with children


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