21 May 2021 5pm – Late

Save the Green – Augmented Reality Mystery Hunt

17:00 – 21:00

Did you know that there are tribes of small creatures who live around us? We are not aware of them, but we need them. They are the ones who whisper without words and inspire jokes, fun dances, music, paintings, love; in other words, they are the ones who make life worth living. Liverpool has plenty of them: the Old-Swan, the An-Field, the Ever-ton…

One of the tribes has gone missing, it’s the Baltic Green tribe. What happened to them? Are they in danger? Their members were last seen on Jamaica Street where they left some traces behind; those traces are visible through augmented reality and might be helpful to solve the puzzle of their disappearance.

You just need a smartphone to see those traces, but all of your imagination to find out what they mean. Come to help to solve this mystery through an augmented reality treasure hunt before it is too late!

If you want to participate, write to info@docupostcards.co.uk
and we will send you all the instructions.

Specifically for children.